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It’s not a surprise that there are loads of creative students here on Point Loma’s campus. People are constantly creating art, whether it be for a class or just for fun. It is easy to spot some of Loma’s student’s art, because much of it takes the form of clothing. Students love to support their friend’s art by sporting t-shirts and spreading the word about the brand. This article will discuss just a few student clothing brands that are both trendy and available for purchase.

Chase Young, a sophomore at PLNU, is the creator of “Utopia”. He recently had an art show in the Love Gallery, followed by the performance of on-campus band, Shibuya and the Sweetiepies. This event was to promote his up and coming merch, but also his ideal utopia. Chase just dropped a new line of clothing this past week, and much of it sold out quickly. The link to his website can be found here: UTOPIA.

I got the chance to interview Chase about Utopia. Below are his responses, along with some photos of his new merch.

1. Where did you come up with the idea of “Utopia”, and what does it represent?

“I was in a coffee shop in Eugene, Oregon with really crappy coffee and this little philosophy book by Thomas More called Utopia. I had bought it at a thrift store right before my flight because the cover was cool. Utopia means “the perfect place” but also “the place that which cannot exist.” So, I began thinking about what my utopia was, and it opened a whole new realm of creativity for me.”

2. Why don’t you like to consider it your “brand”?

“I don’t like to consider it a brand because the whole brand thing just plays into consumerism. It’s more so for me to just pursue things I dream up and see them come to life. It’s also real good fun seeing somebody wearing something you’ve made with your own hands. And organizing a photoshoots is real good fun.”

3. How do you come up with ideas for your clothing, and how do you make it?

“I drew the stuff for the latest release in Brooklyn, New York over spring break. I drew it with my off hand to give it a childish feel. I’m very inspired by the things I listen to, see, and read. For this release I was just very inspired by being in New York City for my first time. I buy blank garments online, ethical of course, and then screen print them myself in the art department.”

4. Is there anything else you wish to add?

“Every single person is a creative. It only manifests differently in each of us. Don’t even delegitimize yourself and say you’re not creative. I’ve only been doing this art thing for 2 years and by no means am I good at it, but I’ve learned to let my creativity flow wherever it desires, and it has taken me cool places.”


“Pollen is a clothing brand based out of Honolulu and San Diego. It consists of myself, Micah Lacio, Kelly Buck, and Ian Briswal. The concept of pollen came from the concept of spreading something in the world to create beauty, just like a bee spreads pollen so that flowers & plants can produce fruit. The second half of pollen is focusing on the female parts of women and the male parts of bees showing that we need each other to create use and beauty in the world.”

-Jason Dorflinger, Co-Owner/designer of Pollen Clothing Co.

Written by: Izzie Huljev, Madyson Goss and Jordan Collins


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