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New positions added to ASB Board of Directors

The proposal to make a constitutional change to add two new positions to ASB has passed with a majority student vote. The positions will be added to the board next semester, Fall 2014.

“The ASB Board of Directors have given their 8 positions a lot of thought and have come up with a few new ideas on how to efficiently manage their time and resources to best support the student body,” said Claire Schalin, ASB Executive Secretary in the email to students.

The two new positions being implemented are the Director of Activities and Design and the Director of School Spirit. The Director of Activities and Design is going to be a combination of two previously existing positions, Director of Activities and Director of Communications. The students currently in these positions will finish out their terms until the school year ends. Director of School Spirit is a new position created to close the gap on coordinated activities between ASB and the athletic department.

“This new position will allow them to be mentored by the new associate director of athletics as well as have some planning help from the ASB side,” said Kristi South, ASB Director of Activities in an email to The Point Weekly. “Right now I oversee the Green Sea. Which is great in that I know how to help them plan events but not so much on the athletics area.”

Both positions will not be elected by the student body, but will go through an interview process because their jobs require previous background in event planning and organization, according to Schalin.

“School Spirit is interview partially because it is replacing an interview position and partially because it is going to be a lot of hard work building a school spirit program from almost scratch and we want to make sure that the person getting the job has the necessary skills to do so,” said South.

The responsibilities the Director of School Spirit will be given are currently shared between two students, Erin Leonard and AJ Borland. Because the duties will be dependent on one person instead of two, Leonard is hesitant about the success of the position. Borland is one of the students interviewing for the position.

“This new position in theory is awesome,” said Leonard. “But the reality is that people come here for the location, and the education, and the professors, and going to sports games isn’t their number one priority so to get what we think is 100 percent success out of this spirit position is nearly impossible.”

The students currently in the positions will follow through until May. President, Vice President, Secretary, Spiritual Life, and Student Relations are all elected positions that will speak in chapel and campaign.