New ASB Board of Directors State Their Goals

Screenshot from @plnu_asb via Instagram.

ASB Board of Directors elections for the 2021-2022 school year concluded on Wednesday, April 21 after the student votes were counted. The Point asked each new director a question: What is your goal for your position and what made you run for it?

Sam Keller, Vice President:

“My role as ASB’s newly elected VP is to provide the greatest amount of support and aid as I can to our Senate to ensure that the additions and revisions that we are making to PLNU are positively contributing to our community. My goal is to fulfill this role to the best of my ability. While in office as vice president, I will work to evaluate next steps with regards to the Director of Diversity and Inclusion not being voted in as a new position among the board. I will also work to create a greater deal of transparency to effectively minimize any disconnect between the student body and student leadership as well. My reason for running was because I wanted to place myself in a position where I could best provide an outstanding amount of energy and encouragement to next year’s Senate. This approach would be implemented so as to make next year one that is filled with productivity and progress. Having the chance to lead the team in this way was an opportunity I could not miss out on.”

Kaitlyn Harris, Director of Student Relations:

“My goal as ASB’s new Director of Student Relations is to continue to support the clubs and societies that are established on campus, as well as listen and give feedback to those who would like to start new ones. I think it’s important that everyone’s passions are represented on campus and I want to be able to help with that process. I decided to run for the position after a current board member recommended that I think about it and took some time to really consider it before committing. I’m very excited for all of the exciting things that are to come next year and to work with such an amazing board of passionate students.”

Matthew Thornton, Executive Secretary:

“My goal as ASB’s new executive secretary is to create an impactful mentorship program for PLNU students to connect and broaden their network with our alumni. I’m a firm believer in mentorship and learning from those who have gone before us, as it provides you with the knowledge and life experience of someone who has been in your shoes. Connecting our students with our alumni is my top priority and I think it would be super fun to have a student versus alumni spikeball tournament for homecoming next year. What made me run for ASB Executive Secretary was wanting a new challenge while still being in a leadership role. ASB is something I honestly don’t have a lot of experience in, but I’m so excited to work hard in order to learn how to be successful in this role. I’ve been a resident assistant for two years and I’ve absolutely loved the opportunities to connect with residents and work in teams, but I’m excited to be put in a new role and challenge myself in that way. I’m so excited to work with our alumni and our current PLNU students.”

Tori Dearden, Director of Activities and Marketing: 

“I ran for this position because I think there is a great opportunity next year for our campus and student body to get a fresh start of sorts. Coming off such a tumultuous past year, I knew I would be honored and amped to serve our student body in a way that would be full of fun and growth. I’m excited for the 2021-2022 school year and the opportunities we will have again as a beautiful and whole student body. My goal is to have many different diverse, unifying and fun events that appeal to everyone from every corner of the campus. Our campus is so full of special talents and different giftings, and I hope to nurture, embrace and highlight each realm of that as the event coordinator and marketing manager.”

Dalton Ryan, Director of Finance:

“My goal as the Director of Finance is to make practical financial decisions that will go toward enhancing student life at PLNU. I ran for this position because, like the rest of the board, I love our school and the people who go here. The opportunity to use my skill set to make a positive impact on the people I love was super attractive to me, and it sounded like a lot of fun.”

Cai Silva, ASB Director of Spiritual Life:

“My goal as the new ASB Director of Spiritual Life is to help our community grow in love for God and for one another. I believe this must always be our goal as Christ’s followers. I’m making myself available to serve and love our campus to the best of my capabilities. My prayer and desire are that we would grow in intimacy with Jesus, which overflows in acts of mercy and love to those around us. Two main motives made me run for this position. First, obedience to what God was directing me to do. I felt Jesus challenging me to run for this position. Although I didn’t know the election’s outcome, I was obedient to His voice. The second reason was my love for Jesus and this campus. I’m very passionate about Jesus and the students in our community. Their life stories, uniqueness and backgrounds amaze me. Therefore, I ran for this position to announce the good news of Jesus to everyone. This message of grace, justice, and truth enables us to truly love one another. I’m super excited to serve along with the Office of Spiritual Development, and help us to experience the reality of God together.”

Kurt Parr, Director of School Spirit: 

“My goal as ASB’s new director of school spirit is to revive and continue the culture of school spirit that the student body here at PLNU has created. I hope to have this school’s legacy of spirit in the community live on. I ran for this position because of the love and kindness that I was shown from the previous years of hooligans.”

By: Ashlee Owings