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Naps and Memes: No One is Safe

Taking a nap has never been more dangerous. If you haven’t heard of @lomasleeps or @loma.memes, consider this your friendly Loman public service announcement. Two anonymous student-run Instagram accounts, @lomasleeps, and @loma.memes focus on the daily struggles of campus life at PLNU. The first, @lomasleeps, features the public naps of PLNU students, whether they’re in chapel, Ryan Library or any patch of grass around campus. The other, @loma.memes, highlights the trials every student faces, from the shuttle schedule to constant construction.

The mysterious legends who run @lomasleeps wish to remain anonymous but said PLNU students are especially susceptible to napping. They said, “Loma can’t hang, this is a simple truth.”

When asked about their dedication to photographic evidence of tired college students, @lomasleeps replied, “We are passionate about naps because it’s in the Nazarene doctrine. Page 400, line 20, ‘Ye shall haveth your #naznaps.’”

We may have to check with Bobby B. on that, but if there’s anything a fellow Sea Lion can understand, it’s the need to nap. Thankfully, @lomasleeps shows us all we’re not alone. In the end, they said, “Our goal is to make Loma a funnier place, full of trolls and memers, all just having a good time.”

Sophomore biology major Christian Wong was featured on @lomasleeps last year. His celebrity status as an avid napper began his freshman year NSO during “napple.” Wong said, “I feel like it’s such an honor. People don’t know my face, but now they know I like to sleep.”

He related to the lack of sleep all college students experience, and suggested the library couches or the lounges on the third floor of Nicholson Commons as solid napping spots. Wong said that thanks to these accounts, “we can relate to each other in a unique way.”

While most colleges focus on Greek life or football, there are some things only PLNU students will understand. When it comes to parking, being intentional and visiting hours, Instagram account @loma.memes is so relatable it hurts. They said they just want students to “engage in humorous discussion about chapel fines, birkencrocs and hummus.”

From their perspective, “Memes are definitely a modality of intentional unity.”

As for where these memes are born, anything is subject to become a PLNU meme. The nameless heroes behind @loma.memes said, “Just like getting surrounded by a raccoon family at 11 p.m, the memes are out there.”

Busy schedules and stressful exams are overwhelming, but @loma.memes exists to lighten the mood and bring humor to what could otherwise be frustrating issues on campus.

If you’re looking for a good laugh or just want to relate to the typical Loma struggles, be sure to give @lomasleeps and @loma.memes a follow.

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Rebecca Elliott

Rebecca is the editor-in-chief of The Point and a freelance writer. She is a senior at PLNU majoring in multimedia journalism and minoring in public relations.

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