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Movie Posters of Annual Campus Events

Point Loma Nazarene University is a place where you get the chance to learn, grow spiritually, and earn a degree. The university does a great job in bringing people together as a community, with the different campus events they hold. Here are a few events which happen every academic year, that I have made into movie posters as a fun way of showing these events. I have also provided details of what can be expected, though every year there can be changes to how the event done.


NSO is where you will be welcomed in by returning PLNU students, meet new people, meet your professors, and move into your dorm. As the poster shows NSO stands for New Student Orientation, and is held every Fall and Spring semester. This is a three day event where you will be guided into the different parts of campus. It’s a must go-to event, as you will be able to garner the school spirit and be well introduced to the university you’ll be spending next four or two years at, depending on if your incoming freshman or transfer.

Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony

Before the winter break comes along, the Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony is when everyone can come together at the Greek Amphitheatre, in celebration of the season. There are live performances that take place, leading to a great time of singing along with one another. Also, included are treats such as the classic cookies and milk combo. You will have a chance to hold a candle of your own to be pass along the small flame of light to brighten the night. It’s a beautiful sight to see when everyone is together to spread this light making the place brighter than ever. The event usually takes place at the end of November, but more information to be determined in the Fall 2019 semester.

25th Annual Writer’s Symposium by the Sea

The Writer’s Symposium by the Sea, is an event open to the public, and it gives students, faculty, and many people a chance to hear from writer’s and hear their experience as an author. There are interviews with the author, which include learning about the different aspects of their career, plus how they came to be the writers they are today. Also, the author’s speak on the process it took for them to write their novels. There’s a Q&A session at the end of the interview portion for the audience members. To end the event, there is a book signing, where you can have a short interaction with the author. Even if you miss it live, it can still be viewed on the ucsd tv website.


This is the time of graduation for both undergraduates and graduates. It’s when your celebrated for all the accomplishments and completing your journey at PLNU. It takes places in front of the Greek Amphitheatre with family, friends, fellow peers, and faculty watching as you walk to get your degree. The event which marks the end of your studies at PLNU, is also start into the next chapter of your life. There is a Spring commencement held in May and a Winter commencement held in December.

These are not the only events which happen throughout each semester. Other events to look out for is the Fall Ball, which took place at SeaWorld this past year. There is also Homecoming Week where there’s the Powderpuff games, with the freshman and sophmores teaming up together to go up against the upperclassmen of juniors and seniors. By going to these events you’re able to spend time with a community of people and have fun, but other events are there to celebrate your beginning and end as a PLNU student.



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