Ministry with Mexico: Back On

Ministry with Mexico, a student led group at Point Loma Nazarene University, is back to business as usual.  After a year of remote Zoom meetings discussing the issues facing CA’s border region, the team is returning to in-person trips on both sides of the U.S. and Tijuana/Baja California border. 

Annika Wong, a senior organizational communication major, is a leader of the club and she shared the team’s plan for this upcoming academic year. Wong said that the Ministry with Mexico team is desiring to invite students into the world of immigration that revolves around the United States and Mexico border. This year, the Ministry with Mexico team created the Loma Beyond Borders program for students who are not able to cross physically into Mexico. 

Wong said, “The trips are going to be a lot smaller, we really encourage students to engage: you get out of your comfort zone, get out of your worldview. Jesus was constantly engaging with cultures that are different from His.” 

One of the Ministry with Mexico events, such as the Border Pilgrimage, gave students the opportunity to speak with the Border Angels group, which is a non-profit organization that stands up for human rights, humane immigration reform and social justice issues. Zach Lyons, a junior psychology major, is participating with the Ministry with Mexico team this fall 2021 semester.

“I’ve only been involved in the border pilgrimage this semester, but it was really informative and an impactful event,” said Lyons. “I learned a lot about current border issues and got to attend a border church service where we worshipped together even with two fences in between us.” 

Liliana Reza, associate director of international ministries at PLNU, said the Ministry with Mexico and the Loma Beyond Borders programs are a way PLNU is a part of embodying their message of reaching out to our neighbors. 

“Ministry with Mexico and Loma Beyond Borders is an expression of the commitment that PLNU has made over 10 + years to be good neighbors within our San Diego-Tijuana border region,” said Reza. 

Reza also explained how this international program is designed for students to engage and widen their perspectives surrounding the various issues impacting the U.S. and Mexican border. 

“We are excited about the unique opportunities this semester to continue building and sustaining our relationships across the U.S.-Mexican border,” said Reza. 

For more information surrounding the Ministry with Mexico and the Loma Beyond Borders program they are on Instagram @plnu_mwm and have an emailed monthly newsletter titled “Vamanos!”

By: Jordan Wall