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Meet the PLNU Summer Ministry Teams

As another school year comes to an end, students across PLNU are scrambling to finalize their summer jobs, internships, classes and journeys home. A few students, however, have different plans in store for the long-awaited break as part of PLNU’s Worship Arts program.

Every year, PLNU’s Summer Ministry Teams (SMT) go out as traveling bands to Nazarene camps and local churches throughout California, Arizona, New Mexico and Hawaii to serve and worship together for a number of weeks.

This summer is no exception, with two SMT teams, long-term and short-term, composed of PLNU students of all levels, who have committed to taking worship to a whole new level.

“This will be my third, and last, summer doing SMT,” said junior Sarah Matter, who is the team leader and drummer of the long-term SMT team Selah. “It’s honestly an indescribable experience; to have the chance to be immersed in what I love to do while being surrounded by people who have become like family to me is something that I will cherish for years to come.”

While the majority of their time will be spent traveling and performing worship, each team will also be able to interact and spend time with the kids, young adults and staff at each camp and local church.

“As much as I love the music and the worship aspect of what we do on SMT, I would say that getting to meet and hang out with so many different and amazing people is one of my favorite parts of the entire experience,” said junior Aaron Yoshida, who is a part of this year’s short-term SMT team. “I can’t wait to grow and be inspired by the people we will encounter just as much as our team will hopefully inspire them through our music and worship.”

In just a few short weeks, both Summer Ministry Teams will have the opportunity to take PLNU into the places and to the people that not all students are able to reach. Through worship, fellowship and the making of lifelong memories, PLNU’s SMT teams are ready to make a difference and make great music, too.


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