Letter to the Editor: Brave New World

Just read the Nov. 1 issue of the point. I graduated from PLNU in ’78. Couldn’t help but notice the contrast in the paper comparing then and now. Then it was about community, care, growing together. Now it’s, in part, “Gay and in Love at PLNU.” I encourage love and respect for gay people but am so tired of the agenda promotion.

I don’t mean to imply it is a “mistake,” just commenting really on “the times.” Much of what is occurring today I like, other things not so much. But as they say “it is what it is.” So, we go on and whatever happens happens, and the world ultimately grows in love and matures or we self-destruct–or we do what we are doing now… a mix.

Paul Pate graduated with a bachelor’s degree in psychology from PLNU in 1978.

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