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A late night movie with ASB

As preview students from all across the country come to visit Point Loma in these recent weeks, many events hosted by ASB and Admissions bring out the best of our campus for everyone to enjoy. These events not only serve to show the best of Point Loma, but also serve as interesting events current students can enjoy. One of the most popular of these, of course, is the “Movie in the Greek.”

The “Movie in the Greek” is exactly as it sounds. An inflatable projector screen is brought into the Greek Amphitheater on campus and students crowd around in the amphitheater for a relaxing movie night. The event is open to all current and preview students and food is usually present.

This year, ASB decided to stick with the recent tradition of playing a movie starring Chris Pratt by playing the hit movie “Guardians of the Galaxy,” after having played “Jurassic World” last year. It isn’t just the movie that brings everyone to the Greek on a Thursday evening, though, as the prospect of free food is enough to bring any student out of their dorm, especially if the food provided is Krispy Kreme donuts. The reasoning behind the event isn’t just for a movie and food, though. According to Assistant Director of Community Life, Megan Woolfolk,[The Movie in the Greek] was an event to provide community for our current students an example to our preview students of what ASB Activities does on campus.”

This sense of promoting community on campus was very apparent during the event. Friends talked and laughed and everyone seemed to enjoy the movie. As Megan brought up, “Our Movie in the Greek events are great for the student body community. They are a fun place for students to take a break mid-week and gather with their friends to watch a film.” This combination of a good movie, great food, and even better people is why people like Alex Koch, a Sophomore Engineering Major, said that “It reminds [him] of how great the community here at Point Loma is. It helps when the movie is one of [his] favorite movies of the past couple years and [when] there are free doughnuts involved.”

The movie also brought in lovers of Marvel movies like Sophomore Engineering Physics Major David Bozarth, who “came out here because the donuts are Krispy Kreme and [because] Guardians of the Galaxy is one of [his] favorite Marvel movies, [making it] a win-win.” Looking at how well the event did, it is clear to see why the event was so successful. The wide variety of quota it fulfilled made it the perfect outing for not only the students here at Point Loma, but it also made a good impression on prospective students looking to attend Point Loma in the future. It is thanks to this success that we can expect more events like this in the future to enjoy.


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