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Interesting Classes to Take Next Semester

Whether you want to explore a new major, pick up a minor, fill up your class schedule or simply try something new, taking a class outside of your expertise can be interesting and fun.

Here are a few courses to look into while registering for spring 2019 classes.

MUA (various)- Private Voice/Piano/Guitar/etc. (1 unit)

Have you wanted to learn a new instrument or touch up on your childhood skills? Point Loma offers private lessons for a variety of instruments, and it only takes up one unit in your schedule!

JRN 215, 216, 217, or 218- Newspaper/Driftwood/Yearbook/Multimedia (1 unit)

If you enjoy writing or have a creative edge, joining one of these workshops is a fun way to learn more about a specific field through hands-on activities such as writing articles for The Point or designing the yearbook—and they’re only one unit each!

Prerequisite(s): Fulfillment of the College Composition requirement

COM 243: Introduction to TV and Film Production (3 units)

This course will take you through the basics of a camera, lighting, script writing, newsroom production and much more. You get hands-on experience by creating a short film with your peers and producing news packages in the studio.

BIB 302- The Letters of Paul: Faith, Hope, and Love Across Distance and Difference (3 units)

If you love studying the Bible or simply want to go deeper into the letters of Paul, this class will ignite your curiosity and immerse you in the scripture by focusing on the question, “How do followers of Christ live in step with the Holy Spirit?”

Prerequisite(s): BIB 101 or 102

BUS 475- Sustainability in Action (3 units)

This course is a practical way to explore how to become a sustainable local and global citizen. You will learn principles and practices of sustainability in both individual and community levels. You will also study current environmental challenges, discovering how societies and cultures impact the environment.

Prerequisite(s): Junior or Senior standing or consent of instructor

PHL 250- God and Philosophy (3 units)

In this course, students will dive into issues related to language about God, study Christian philosophers such as St. Augustine and St. Anselm and explore justice issues related to race, gender and economic circumstance.

Prerequisite(s): PHL 201 or 211

SOC 103- Social Problems (3 units)

Are you passionate about social justice issues? Do want to learn more about the problems plaguing society today? This course explores the causes and implications of the most prevalent social problems and attempts to develop ways to combat them.

For more information on each course, or to explore other options, visit catalog.pointloma.edu.

To check if these courses work with your schedule next semester, click on “courses offered” in your student portal.



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