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Graduating or Not…Here Are The Best Job Search Boards

If you’re graduating in just a few short weeks or looking for a summer gig to help pay your tuition bill, job search boards may be at the top of your recent browsing history. Unfortunately, as great as job search boards can be, they can also frustrating or unhelpful.

Charis Wanken, PLNU’s Office of Strengths and Vocation’s assistant director and vocation, says, “The biggest pro of job search boards is they help you understand what kind of jobs are available.” She points out, however, that applying online can reduce you to just another application, and that ultimately, “connections are a game changer.”

Here are four major job search boards for your employment search needs:

Handshake: This platform connects universities and students who need jobs. Wanken says, “You’ll find many entry-level positions and be able to bypass much of the competition since you will be one of a few applicants rather than hundreds.” If you’re looking for a summer job, or an entry-level position at a university, Handshake will be your new best friend.

LinkedIn: You may think of LinkedIn as just a virtual resume or a place to connect with professional contacts, but the website also features available jobs. One of the great parts of looking for a job on LinkedIn is that you can directly research the company that will be receiving your application. Just make sure that your profile is up to date and ready for employer’s eyes. Wanken says, “If the keywords from your profile match those of job descriptions, you may have recruiters DMing you.”

Indeed: If you’re feeling discouraged by what feels like zero available jobs in your field, Indeed may be a good place to look. It pulls job postings from employer’s websites as well as other job posting boards, which can provide “hope that jobs can exist,” Wanken says. It can be easy to get overwhelmed by the number of possibilities, so create a game plan of what types of jobs you’re interested in, and apply to only those.

Glassdoor: One of the major benefits that Glassdoor can provide is the ability to gauge a company at a glance. Not sure if you want to apply? Glassdoor is the Yelp of businesses, meaning that you can see a rating compiled from reviews written by past and current employees.

Looking for a job, especially as a soon-to-be college graduate can be a daunting task, but job boards can act like Google, helping you to see what’s out there. Wanken cautions relying completely on them, saying, “70 percent of jobs aren’t posted online, but rather, are found through connections who know about upcoming opportunities.”

Starting your search online is a great start, but leveraging a flawless resume and a solid professional network are also important to landing that first job post-graduation.


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