Girls Club: An Inspired Answer to Boys Club

Point Loma Nazarene University has encouraged a Christ-centered community within the student body, with one of the most influential devotional gatherings being Boys Club. Yet with a 70/30 girls to boys student ratio, it is not surprising the creation of Girls Club has finally come along. 

Founded by PLNU students, third year finance major, Mckayla Krolczyk, and third year Dietetics major, Gracie Hinz, this new addition to the club community at Loma this semester is following in the footsteps of Boys Club and is already becoming established across campus. It should come as no surprise to see a growing crowd of girls every Thursday huddled on the cliffs below campus.

Krolczyk said Boys Club has been around for nearly 10 years now, and hopes Girls Club becomes a new legacy at PLNU.

“Many of my guy friends have always gone to Boys Club, and have always enjoyed the opportunity to get together and talk about the Lord in community. It is sometimes tough to interact as girls, especially when you don’t share a common hobby, workplace, or class together,” said Krolczyk. 

Fourth year applied health science major at PLNU, Anna Peterson, said Krolczyk and Hinz have done a great job of taking initiative in starting Girls Club, creating a space comfortable for girls of any year to show up, and in opening the floor to make meaningful conversation.

The stresses that come from school and a social life are already obstacles for students at school but Girls Club is working to bring solutions through connecting girls in community. 

“I never would have just walked up to a random freshman on caf lane or in class. Girls Club is taking me out of my comfort zone and breaking the barrier of small cliques or friend groups so everyone can be friends no matter what previous associations they had before,” said fourth year applied health science major Terra Gilman.

The comforting and welcoming atmosphere of Girls Club creates bridges between both upper and lower classmen. The club’s goal reflects the greater purpose PLNU strives for their students.

“The mission of Girls Club is to foster a space where ladies from Loma can get together, allow each other to feel seen, heard, and loved just like Jesus does – without any prerequisite or shared interests other than the desire for community,” said Krolczyk.

Since this past year has included much isolation due to COVID-19, students have found gratitude in gatherings like Girls Club.

“I think gatherings like this in general have made me realize that they can easily be taken for granted, especially at Point Loma where we have students that are very like-minded and striving for a good community,” said Peterson.

While Girls Club has been a hit from its start-up, there is always room on Sunset Cliffs for more girls who would like to get plugged in. Every Thursday at 6 p.m., girls gather on the cliffs to hear from a speaker, but leaders are trying to expand this club model and explore more opportunities for fellowship.

“This past week we have been starting a mentorship aspect of the club. Essentially, if girls would like to be mentored, or be a mentor, they can sign up and be paired with another gal who they can get coffee with, surf with, just chat on caf lane with, or talk about whatever,” said Krolczyk.

With Girls Club just beginning, everyone involved has high hopes for what is to come. Krolczyk said that her biggest hope is for Girls Club to build on the community already present at Loma, especially in providing fellowship for ladies who can fall back on each other in times of need and be there for all of life’s moments.

“We wanted to create a space every week where ladies across all of campus could show up no matter what, and be able to have deeper conversations, and be poured into by other women who have experienced life and God’s love in a different way than another,” explained Krolczyk.

By: Isa Darisay