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Getting Out of the Library and Into Nature

As the stress of college classes and homework loads increase, Lomans struggle with staying on top of the workload and maintaining a sufficient social life. Point Loma programs, such as intramural sports and Great Escapes, offer multiple opportunities to get out of the dorm and get active.

It is often said that college students can have sleep, grades or a social life but never all three at once. However, this is not the case on the Point Loma campus. The hundreds of events scheduled each semester give everyone the option to live a healthy, balanced life.

[A] balanced focus in all areas of our life, academic and cognitive, athletic and physical, faith practices and spiritual, will always increase the level of well-being and effectiveness in our activities across all areas,” said Dr. Jim Johnson, psychology professor at PLNU

Getting involved helps build valuable social skills, create connections with your peers and develop a sense of community on campus. The different events offered are also designed to help better prepare you for life on campus and in the real world.

While the facts and knowledge you gain through classes in college will be necessary for future careers, the development of strong social skills will benefit an individual in the business world and in their future everyday life.

Programs such as The Way, put on by Great Escapes, focus on the ability to teach students valuable lessons for the future, and it is a core purpose of the trip. The Way is a week-long backpacking trip in Sequoia National Park for first-time students before new student orientation.

“It provides an opportunity for incoming students to [gain] wilderness based experience with their future peers [and classmates],” says Jonathan Morell, Director of Outdoor Leadership at PLNU.

“The trip is really a symbol of the first semester because ultimately you will be responsible for how things go. We are going to teach you, and be here with you, and support you…but ultimately it is going to be all up to you,” says Morell.

Getting involved in campus activities should not be viewed as a burden but rather as a worthwhile use of one’s time. Intramurals, recreational teams that compete in a variety of sports, are another invaluable way to stay active, meet new friends and fulfill the need for some friendly competition.

On an even larger scale, such activities provide the chance to get out of the classroom and study sessions to relieve stress and anxiety.

“I feel like intramurals is a great escape for me. I can focus on the game and forget current stressors stemming from school or personal issues I may be having,” said Austin Everet, freshmen business marketing major. The benefits of getting involved far outweigh the cost and will benefit an individual spiritually, physically and emotionally.


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