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Gatsby Comes to Loma

We get to party with Jay Gatsby. As Loma students enter their “roaring 20s” they are at the age that they are yearning for amazing memories and a school year full of excitement. This fall, Campus Activities Board (CAB) has matched that youthful enthusiasm with a timeless Fall Ball theme: Great Gatsby The Roaring ‘20s.

In the previous years, Fall Ball has been the party of the year. Students were encouraged to dress up, let loose and enjoy a night of fun and dancing during the mid-semester stress. Fall Ball is the most attended school function of the year. 

Former ASB president, Forrest Case, who dreamt up the original Fall Ball, marvels at how successful it has been. “So many people were happy that night it makes me tear up thinking about it,” Case said. “How is it possible that one person who has never planned an event of this scale and a team of new hires put on one of the most successful events at Loma?” 

Current ASB Director of Activities and Marketing Jerimiah Meloche echoes the determination of putting on such a night. “Hundreds of big and small decisions go into the greater process of putting on a massive event such as Fall Ball,” Meloch says. “The overarching goal of CAB is to put on the highest quality events for our fellow students to enjoy, as well as aligning with my vision of creating spaces of community.” This inclusivity encourages ticket sales. Last year, ASB sold out their tickets within a couple days of going on sale. 

This year, Fall Ball will be held at Port Pavillion downtown instead of SeaWorld San Diego. “Port Pavilion is a beautiful space that sits right on the harbor and with its low venue cost allows the team to go all out creating an awesome Gatsby themed event for the students,” Meloch says. 

To some extent, the theme of Fall Ball plays off the venue, so previously there have been aquatic themes. “If I could go back in time, I would go back to the ‘20s,” said Ellery Sterlling, sophomore graphic design major. The switch from SeaWorld to Port Pavillion comes as no shock to the student body. 

On November 15, grab your suspenders and flapper dresses everyone and anticipate a night that even Jay Gatsby would be jealous of. C’mon you old sports!



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