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Friday the 13th Tattoo

Friday the 13th may be superstitiously considered an unlucky day, unless you have a love for tattoos. Tattoo shops around the world participate in discount tattoos, often costing only $13. Keep in mind, if you’re only paying $13 for a tattoo, most places require a lucky tip of $7. Even if the tattoos are $13, many locations will round the price up to include a tip, as the shop is not making as much money for Friday the 13th tattoos.

Most locations have a sheet of designs to choose from and the designs are about the size of a silver dollar. These tattoo shops will usually release their designs the week of the event so potential customers can choose a shop and their design before coming into the shop.

More often than not, the lines are long. These tattoo shops serve on a first-come, first-serve basis, so you may be sitting in line for quite awhile. To be the first in line, some people arrive hours before the shop even opens. Considering the minimum price of a tattoo is usually around $80-$100, the wait can be worth it.

April 13th was my third Friday the 13th tattoo event. I arrived at Mums’ Custom Tattoos at noon and waited in line for about seven hours before I was able to get my tattoo. This was the longest I’ve had to wait for a flash tattoo event, but the tattoos were bigger and more detailed than other locations.

Mums’ Custom Tattoos had a $31 deal and had design sheets that included flowers, skulls, cartoon characters, insects, and much more. Each tattoo shop will have their own original designs, so there is something for everyone.

In case you missed this Friday the 13th tattoo, you have nothing to worry about! There will be another event in July with all new designs and great prices.


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