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Four Students Tell How They Are Going to Survive Until Christmas Break

Four Point Loma seniors were asked the most important question of December: how do they survive the dreaded weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas break? While facing their very last trek to Christmas break as undergraduates, these seniors offered advice ranging from the helpful to the hilarious.


The Point: How do the weeks leading up to Christmas break look for you?

John Digiovanna (journalism major): Every year I feel the excitement of Christmas break coming. My mind will wander to all the great things that will come. This is quickly disrupted when your professor hands you that grading rubric for the paper that is due the week before finals.


TP: Do you have any tips for how other students can plan for the weeks ahead?

Kimmie Woolery (biology-chemistry major): I love to make lists, and I stay organized with a small planner. Often, if I’m stressed, I write it all out and prioritize what I’m going to tackle first. Don’t think about everything at once, look at small pieces and ask yourself, “What can I reasonably accomplish right now?”

Riley McQuown (media communications major and pre-therapeutic psychology minor): I would recommend for students to study where they get the most stuff done. I am not able to study at my apartment because I get distracted easily, so the best place for me is to go on the third floor of the library where there are no distractions.


TP: Do you think you’ve gotten better or worse at handling school stress?

Ashlyn Thomas (child development major): I think I have gotten better at handling stress because I have had time throughout the years to learn how I work the best and what strategies make me feel the least stressed.

RM: Although every semester my coursework has increased and has been more difficult, my stress levels have surprisingly decreased. I forced myself to stay on top of my school work this semester and so filming all weekend or editing a short film all day does not get as stressful as it used to be since I already completed the work I had to do that day.


TP: How do you like to take a break to decompress when studying?

AT: I decompress from school stress by taking breaks and doing things I enjoy, like baking! I also like to get off campus, even if it is just to go to the grocery store because it reminds me that I am living in the real world and my life isn’t only about school.

JD: To decompress, I find complaining and making loud moaning noises at my computer to work pretty well. It’s a time saver since I don’t have any time to do my real hobbies.


TP: What are you looking forward to about Christmas break?

AT: I am looking forward to being able to read books for fun! I have a stash of books I haven’t gotten to read because I have spent all my time reading for my literature course.

JD: Well, I look forward to the three days it takes for my caffeine withdrawal to wear off so I can become human again, and enjoy some time to relax before next semester.

RM: I am most looking forward to sleeping [and] being at home with my family.

KW: Going home and being with family.


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