Finally Fall: A Watchlist for the Perfect Fall Vibe

Photo by Ajeet Mestry on Unsplash.

As the first week of November rolls in, it is a better time than ever to get into the fall spirit. With Halloween in the rearview mirror, the cozy vibes of this month are best matched with lots of movie watching. To help kick off the season, here are three movies that contain the best elements that autumn has to offer.

The movie “Dead Poets Society” possibly sparks a memory of watching it for Psychology of Personal Development however many years ago. And while it may not have the happiest of endings, it does fit the bill for this fall watchlist. Set in 1959 at an all boys boarding school, the new liberal English teacher Mr. Keating inspires his students to pursue their passions and not stick to the status quo. 

This movie has elements of the back to school nerves, meeting new people and trying to adjust to the new school environment. Set in the cozy east coast, the professor, played by Robin Williams, helps his English students break out of their comfort zone. With a flair for the unconventional, this group goes against school regulations and creates a secret poetry society. The tone for this film can be summarized best by Keating: “Carpe diem… make your lives extraordinary.”

Where to watch: Amazon Prime

The 1989 romantic comedy “When Harry Met Sally,” follows the lives of Harry and Sally as their lives intertwine over two decades. Crossing each other’s path every so often, viewers watch their relationship unfold. From strangers driving across the country together to best friends and love interests, their relationship strengthens over the course of the movie.

What makes this film so perfect for fall? Is it the warm layered clothing, gloves and hats that Sally sports matched with the perfect white chunky sweater that Harry wears? Or could it be the crisp, dramatic autumn leaves falling all around them as they stroll through New York City together? “When Harry Met Sally” is the film that best encapsulates the fall wardrobe and weather while also capturing the excitement and uncertainty of the season. 

Where to watch: Netflix, HBO Max

The 2009 animated movie “Fantastic Mr. Fox” is a story about mischievous Mr. Fox and his family and friends outsmarting the dangerous threats of three farmers. With a thirst for danger, Mr. Fox steals supplies from each of the farms, setting the farmers off on a mission to capture and kill him. Forcing the fox family underground, Mr. Fox relies on his tricks and craftiness to fool the farmers.

Directed by Wes Anderson, the aesthetic of “Fantastic Mr. Fox” is really just that, fantastic. From beginning to end this comforting movie is saturated with rustic oranges, terracotta and brown, all of which create the perfect palette for autumn leaves. The song by Alexandre Desplat called “Mr. Fox in the Fields” was a popular audio used on TikTok last fall and further emphasizes how perfect this film is for the autumn season. The soundtrack and the color palate mixed with the animated characters create a great fall blend.

Where to watch: Hulu, Disney+

Written By: Madelyn Walthall