Sun Room Performs in Los Angeles

Luke Asgian, the lead singer for Sun Room, blessed a Point Loma Nazarene University student by hitting her on the forehead with his guitar pick last weekend. 

On Saturday, Oct. 15, Sun Room, a local band from San Diego, performed at the El Rey Theater in Los Angeles, California. A few students made the trek from PLNU to Los Angeles to attend the concert. 

Sydney Boyatt, a first-year psychology major at PLNU, was one of the students who attended the concert. She said that she enjoyed the concert. 

Boyatt said that it took place in a really small venue that looked like it was from the 50’s with chandeliers and red velvet curtains. 

Gabby Starkenburg, a first-year media communication major, liked that the venue was smaller and more intimate. She said that the venue was pretty, and it looked like a historic theater. Faith Coleman, a first-year nursing student, said that the venue looked like an old-time speakeasy.

Boyatt said that the audience was full of teenagers who fit the surfer aesthetic. The crowd was mostly girls, but there were guys mixed in too. 

The concert was between an hour and a half and two hours long. Jinx, another band from San Diego, opened for the show.

“It was cool to see people from the community making it big,” said Boyatt. 

Boyatt’s favorite song they played was “Fun.” “Clementine” and “I Want You” were also favorites. Starkenburg and Coleman said that their favorite song was also “Clementine.”

Their performance was pretty chill according to Boyatt, but it was still fun. She said that the crowd was chill as well. There were not too many people moshing at the concert. 

Starkenburg said that the crowd was very energetic. At one point, a guy started crowd surfing. She said everyone was dancing and having the time of their lives. Starkenburg thought that everyone was super hyped up during the concert, and she said she had a lot of fun.

Starkenburg’s favorite band member is Gibson Anderson, who also goes by Gibby. He is the drummer for the band. 

“He was going so hard on the drums, and he whipped his shirt off at one point, which was hilarious,” Starkenburg said. “He is so talented, and he is really funny to watch during the concert.”

Coleman’s favorite band member to watch during the show was Luke Asgian.

“He’s gorgeous, and I would absolutely have his babies,” said Coleman. 

Boyatt, Coleman and Starkenburg said that they were all in the front row, which made the concert extra special. 

“It was the closest I have ever been to an artist during a concert, and it was so fun to see them up close,” said Starkenburg. “I felt like Luke and I made eye contact.”

At the end of the concert, Starkenburg said that the band members were throwing their things into the audience, and Luke’s guitar pick hit her in the head. She was disappointed that it fell to the ground after, so she was unable to get it due to the competition for it. 

Starkenburg said that she felt a connection with the band because they originated in San Diego, and Luke attended PLNU. 

“My roommate held up a picture of Bobby B during the concert, just to see if they would notice,” said Starkenburg. “I think they did because they were kind of laughing about it.”

“I think it is so cool that they started at the same place I am at, and they have already reached worldwide success,” said Starkenburg. 

Starkenburg also said that it was cool to meet people that also loved the band. She said that she met a groupie while she was in line. Starkenburg said that it was cool to see the band’s rapid growth and how they already have so many devoted fans.  

Boyatt, Coleman and Starkenburg said that the drive to Los Angeles was worth it, and they would do it again. Sun Room will be back and playing at SOMA in San Diego on Feb. 3, 2023. The tickets are $20 plus fees, so it is a steal for college students. Visit the following link to purchase tickets: https://www.ticketweb.com/event/sun-room-soma-mainstage-tickets/12509535?pl=soma

Written By: Isabel Cheeseman