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Fall Break Breakthrough

What happens when 13 Point Loma Nazarene University (PLNU) students decide to road trip cross-country? 1000 miles, 16 hours, and 4 states for a lifetime of memories. 

PLNU’s fall break lands in the middle of the semester. Midterms are at their peak, stresses are high, and the end of the semester is still so far out of sight. Though fall break only spans a short 3 days, students utilize the Friday off to do whatever their heart desires. The range of fall break activities range widely from sleep to adventure. For a group of 13 sophomore women, the decision was clear–make the trek to Zion National Park. 

Sydney Mutch, a sophomore Managerial and Organizational Communications (MOCM) major, initiated the journey. “I have always wanted to go to Zion. I knew fall break was the perfect opportunity to do so,” says Mutch. “We weren’t even a month into the school year, and Sydney was already planning the trip,” says Luna Trevino, sophomore Media Communications major. Mutch booked an AirBnb and rounded up 13 of her friends to join in.  

The group of 13 were not the only ones to venture to Zion. “I saw another group of about 15 PLNU students at the end of a trail. It was so random casually running into them,” says Trevino. It is not surprising to run into fellow PLNU students outside of San Diego. When it comes to school breaks, outdoor-lovers alike flock to different parks and nature attractions. Many take full advantage of the opportunity to easily travel along the coast, mountains, or desert. 

The epic road trip spanned from the terrains of red rocks and desert to the terrains of palm trees and ocean. The countdown now starts as students await the next chance to explore great places! 

The large group of 13 enjoying the views of the Emerald Pools Hike.

Navigating the trails as a large group surprises other hikers along the trail.

Driving through an assortment of terrains from California to Utah.

The time and distance on the road from PLNU to Zion.