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Epstein’s Too Coincidental Suicide

Jeffrey Epstein’s death was nothing less than mysterious and a little too coincidental. Epstein was involved with powerful people, such as former President Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew of Britain. His trial had the potential to expose numerous suspicious businesses, including those involved with human sex trafficking.

 I do not believe that Epstein was the only person involved in his death, whether that means he had assistance in his suicide or someone else killed him.

 According to The New York Times writers Ali Watkins and Michael Gold in the article “Jeffrey Epstein Autopsy Results Show He Hanged Himself in Suicide,” Epstein was supposed to be on 24-hour suicide watch with a cellmate. The night of his death, he was alone in his cell. Watkins and Gold explain that two guards were meant to patrol his cell every half hour, but the guards left him alone for three hours before finding him dead. 

I believe that the circumstances of his death are surrounded by foul play. It is highly probable the two guards were coerced into avoiding Epstein’s cell during the time his death took place. I also believe that his cellmate was intentionally removed from his cell. 

Epstein’s death was a way to cover up unethical business with rich clients and business partners. Someone related to the crime may have felt they had too much to lose by being exposed in Epstein’s trial. It is also possible Epstein thought the same and killed himself to cover up his wrong doings.

 It is sad that the public may never know the truth. Human trafficking is a heinous crime. Pimps, like Epstein, deserve to be exposed and tried for manipulating and entrapping sex workers.

 The International Labour Organization (2017) cites that the human trafficking industry generates $150 billion annually. Officials work hard to free sex workers and prosecute pimps, but the corrupt nature of the industry makes it challenging. As seen in Epstein’s case, money plays a critical role in protecting bad people. Other high profile individuals involved in trafficking undergo similar secrecy, which perpetuates the industry. 

The circumstances of Epstein’s death were too coincidental to not be set up. I hope that others like Esptein will be brought to justice, and one day, the people they have hurt will be set free to expose the ones who have perpetuated this system.

Written by: Finley Stitt


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