The Elegant Truffle satisfies any sweet tooth, any season

I love chocolate; it’s one of those treats that are perfect for any occasion. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find bakeries and stores that sell good quality chocolaty desserts, so when I discovered The Elegant Truffle, I was ecstatic.

When I first walked into the Elegant Truffle on 1111 Scott St., I was amazed by the atmosphere. The walls were filled with chocolate themed knickknacks and various wooden signs, one of which stated that anyone claiming to dislike chocolate is a liar. The interior of the shop is protected by a thick wooden door.

The chocolate aroma quickly captured my attention, and when the worker behind the counter noticed me and my boyfriend, she began making us a free sample plate of the signature cakes, chocolates and a couple pieces of house-made caramel.

Apart from the cakes, the chocolate was amazing, and I was pleased to discover that the caramel was made from a recipe that is over 200 years old. Jennifer Marie Muratore, the owner of The Elegant Truffle, continues to cook this creamy dessert in the copper pot that her French great-grandmother used when making the recipe. The worker behind the counter appeared excited to tell us the story of how the chocolates, cakes and caramel are all made from secret recipes that have been passed down through the generations.

After devouring the plate of samples, we finally decided on a square of caramel and slices of two of the Elegant Truffle’s signature cakes. One, aptly named Oh My God, was decadently smooth and made completely from various chocolates, making it the perfect treat or means for death by chocolate. The second cake boasted a delicious combination of coconut and chocolate. Both were heaven for the senses.

Each slice cost $6, but they were large enough to share between two people making it worth the $6.

The Elegant Truffle also boasts of fudge brownies with macadamia nuts and almond bark, soft toffee and espresso kisses, a dessert sure to please caffeine junkies.

This chocolate shop is in easy reach for PLNU students. The off-campus shuttle takes you a block away from it; all you need to do is get off on the first stop.

Although a bit pricey, I’d have to say that this shop offers the perfect balance between cost and decadence. For the taste and atmosphere at the Elegant Truffle, I’d happily grant it a rating of four stars, and I’d heartily recommend this as a stop to any and all lovers of rich desserts at all times of the year.


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