Editor reflection: Kendall Boshart

Usually these sorts of things involve advice and no shortage of sentimentality. I am almost positive that I can’t offer either of those things. Not because I haven’t experienced life but because I have experienced life in a different capacity than you have, which makes my advice less pertinent to your experiences. So I’ll stick to language and leave the advice to the fortune cookies.

My love for writing is better expressed as a love for words. The power of words amazes me. I love scenes described in ink, littered with appropriate adjectives and no shortage of action verbs. I love that writing consistently enters the realms of emotion and empowerment. Look around, pens have been causing trouble long before the Kardashians had a reality T.V. show.

It has truly been a pleasure to be your news editor. I hope that if you read the news section, you found it to be informative and connected to PLNU. If you haven’t read the paper and this is your first time, thanks I guess. If you think reading is lame, you’re wrong. Reading is sexy.


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