Editor reflection: Jonathan Pickett

I don’t consider myself an artist or an entertainer. But as a keen observer of art and entertainment-related affairs on campus, I have come to be quite fascinated with the way people of PLNU express themselves, tell stories and relate to each other.

I think being able to combine my fascination for the way people reveal themselves, with the telling of stories through journalism, is something I’m pretty lucky to do. Telling stories about people telling stories.

This position is one I really stumbled upon. A year ago I was in intro, botching my first interviews, and then this semester, the editor position I always thought I would love to eventually try, happened to open up. It has been hard and it has been fun.

It’s been a real treat working with these fellow editors who have taken me under and onto their wings and helped me gracefully soar into the skies of journalism. And special thanks to Katie, the hardest working college student I know, who took on a full-time job plus classes for a year.

Thanks to the students for reading and for reminding me that it’s not just about getting degrees. Because we are a culture, and we are in the business of communicating in ways that make us human.