Editor reflection: Katie Callahan

Working in The Point newspaper office that no one knows about has its perks. The people who have discovered it, they ask for the bathroom, the nearest conference or they speak to old days when this place provided them with a religious experience. I guess you could say that for a while, the newspaper was my way of going to church.

I was searching for truth after all. I tried my best to be transparent and to represent the student body by incorporating more user-generated content into its pages. I’d like to say we’ve done that. But as I leave this place, that’s not what I worry about. I worry about you, reader, or more particularly, you, the non-reader.

You maybe don’t know what a staff writer is. You may not know that Israel launched airstrikes on its border with Syria. You may have no idea what is going on in Baltimore. You might not know that the presidential election is your election in 2016. But you should. So my plea as I leave is not for you to remember this year, but to remember every day that news involves you, because just as your testimony means everything, everyone else’s story matters too.

Story is all we have. It’s Jesus. So hold onto that every day. Read the first draft of history so that when you look back to tell your grandchildren, you can say you were a part of it. Thanks for being a part of news this year at PLNU. I hope that the next time I hear from you, it will be on these pages, because you will have embraced your voice, your passion, your story.