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Driftwood awards students at themed party

Though Woodstock was more than 40 years ago, student writers, artists, photographers, and staff joined to celebrate the annual publication of The Driftwood by dressing in tie-dye and jean jackets at the themed event called (Drift) Woodstock.

The literary magazine comprised of student and faculty poetry, fiction, non-fiction, photography, art, music and video,w was showcased at the event. The top three winners in each category were presented with awards for their pieces.

“Having last year’s awards ceremony along with the open house back in the fall in mind, my co-editor-in-chief, Spencer Chesnut, and I really worked toward creating a themed event,” said Sean Woodard, co-editor of the Driftwood.

The staff carried out the theme with colorful decorations, brownies, and a documentary of Woodstock projected in the background.

Winners of each category of the Driftwood one awards and, showed, performed, and spoke about their pieces to the guests in attendance.

“I was really nervous about submitting something to The Driftwood and I didn’t expect to win,” said Kendra Pittam, a junior English Education major who won an award for second in the nonfiction category. “But everyone was so nice through the process and so gracious. My advice to other students would be to try it out and see because you never know.”

Pittam was able to read a piece that she wrote about her uncle not only in front of her fellow students but also in front of her family who came down from San Luis Obispo, Calif. to hear her present her writing.

“Reading my piece in front of everyone was a different experience because it made it even more personal,” said Pittam.

The staff worked on planning this event since the beginning of the spring semester. The event was originally planned to be in the Greek to have a more Woodstock feeling but was relocated due to the weather.

Artists who were featured in the CD that comes along with the book played some of their original works but also sampled some songs from the 1960’s.

“Personally, I feel the Driftwood staff have produced a beautiful product,” said Woodard. “Also, the guest judges provided wonderful assistance and insight in helping choose the top five contenders of each category. The fact that they took the time to help us shows their dedication to the importance of the arts.”

The staff will be working on selling the books for the rest of the semester.

“The edition looks great,” said Driftwood advisor Michael Clark. “The editors and member of the class put out an outstanding collection worth reading all the way through.”


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