1. One of the most popular attractions on campus (two words)

5. Somewhere to study or nap

7. “I miss my ____.”

9. A common result of too much fiber…make sure to eat balanced meals at the Caf!

12. How you’ll feel with too little sleep

14. A great place to get coffee off campus

16. Put in your earbuds and listen to a relaxing ____

17. ______ B’s Birthday Bash

19. Acceptable and popular footwear on PLNU’s campus

20. Abbreviation for “small group instruction” (shoutout to education majors)

22. Short way to say “What’s up?”

23. “Here’s to a new school ____!”

24. In moderation, this gets you a good tan. Too much, and you’ll be reaching for aloe.

26. Many students decorate their dorms and apartments with these ___

27. Join or start a ____ to meet peeps with similar interests


2. The name of Taylor Swift’s most recent tour

3. ___ to success

4. Check this every day for homework assignments

6. A seat not allowed in dorms

8. Said at the end of a prayer

9. An excuse to skip class for some PLNU students (two words)

10. While they can be annoying at times, you’ll miss them while away at college

11. Who has better tacos: Adalberto’s or _____?

12. Once a month performance with coffee, hosted in the ARC

13. One of the freshman residence halls

14. Abbreviation for “must be nice”

15. Abbreviation for Kentucky

18. You’re reading this right now (two words)

21. Ken’s job in the Barbie movie

25. Other word for ocean

26. Abbreviation for Pacific Beach

Completed crossword


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