1. Don’t do this on tests!

4. Helps a kite fly

7. University of California (acronym)

9. The fourth whale that SeaWorld captured

11. Twitter’s (or X’s) new rival

13. Esteban Trujillo’s nickname

16. “You’re sick? Better drink some ginger ___.”

17. Verbal rejection

18. It’s best not to go to Garbage Beach at high ____

19. Synonym for spread apart

22. The city we’re in (acronym)

23. Where you go number one and number two

25. A small piano

27. This type of cracker is great to pair with soup

28. Abbreviation for “company”

29. There are nine of these in a baseball game


1. “Let’s find the root _____ of this.”

2. Basic units of a chemical element

3. Teaching assistant (acronym)

5. Commuter students, faculty and staff drive up this every day

6. A great park to see the SeaWorld fireworks

8. Go to this three times a week at 9:45 a.m. on Monday, Wednesday and Friday

10. An annoying pop-up when you’re playing free games on your phone

12. British group who sang “Hey Jude”

13. “It’s only been two weeks of school and I already need a ________.”

14. PLNU school mascot

15. The First ____ (hint: Christmas)

20. Some couples do too much of this (acronym)

21. The Padres have never ___ the World Series

24. Having a strong, piquant flavor or smell

26. Naval Criminal Investigative Service (acronym)



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