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Creation Care as Told by Artists

Every year, PLNU dedicates a week to highlighting human impact on the earth through topics such as climate change, pollution, fair trade, consumption and more. The hope for Creation Care Week is to educate students about the state of the planet and its people while encouraging sustainable practices.

“Creation Care Week is an important reminder to our community to be grateful for our beautiful surroundings,” PLNU’s manager of sustainability and design Nancy Pappas said. “As a community of faith, we should be committed to sustainable practices, and to be good stewards of this gift that God has given us.”

This year, senior graphic design students in the Portfolio Preparation class, taught by Professor Courtney Mayer. were given the opportunity to create and showcase an aspect of creation care that they were passionate about.

Installations, art pieces and interactive designs highlighting topics ranging from water pollution to sustainable surfwax filled Caf Lane, allowing students to see creation care from a fresh perspective.

Kate Erath, a senior graphic design major, created original illustrations emphasizing material, energy and food consumption in the U.S. Her work was showcased in PLNU’s Love Gallery, along with coloring sheets of her designs that were available for students to take and reflect on.

“My goal was to create art that did not overwhelm, but engaged students, staff and the general public through mindful reflection,” Erath said. “I wanted my illustrations to draw people in and make them feel as though they were a part of something, and to provoke a call to action.”

Another senior graphic design student, Delaney Meier, used her art to educate students on fair trade and the impact of the fashion industry on the environment. Meier designed three posters that were displayed on Caf Lane, and later organized a pop-up clothing swap to show students how to shop ethically and sustainably.

“Caring for creation means to me that we were given this earth, and we were asked to take care of it,” Meier said. “We need to start to realize the real impact we are making, and start to change our behaviors.”

These students, and many more, used their art and creative expression to remind students about the positive and negative impact that humans can have on the world. The artists have spoken and they want to know: how are you going to take better care of creation?



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