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Corners to Cry in During Finals Week

The word count on your research paper needs to be at 1500 and you are barely at 75.

The bio lab is due in class tomorrow and you are on page two of 20.

Dr. Wood’s HIS110 final is tomorrow morning and your quizlet has 129 terms on it and you know 11 of them.

The double shot of espresso is wearing off and you can feel the water works starting to form in the inside corner of your eyes.

So where do you go to have a silent (or maybe not so silent) cry to get out all of that frustration and that pent up exhaustion?

Don’t worry. I am here to answer that question and to share with you my secret crying corners on this beautiful campus of ours.

McCullough Park

Yes, this is what the park up by Fermanian Business center is actually called, which may be an unknown fact to some of the students at Point Loma Nazarene University. And did you know that they used to have weddings up there, too? Yes, it’s true! But sorry to those hoping for a ring by spring and a ball by fall because no weddings are allowed up there anymore. Still, that’s great news to those wanting a place to let out the sob without much foot traffic. Also an added benefit is the view from the garden that overlooks the dark blue waters of the Pacific. If someone were to stumble upon your sobbing self and ask what the matter is, just point to the ocean and say, “It’s just so beautiful,” and then the person will nod cautiously and walk away. Works every time! And honestly, barely anybody is ever up there because let’s face it, how many business majors are actually in class?

Brown Chapel

Now this may seem like a pretty public place, especially on a college campus. But believe me, you will blend right in. Just take a seat, bow your head and let the tears roll. No one will know the difference between whether you are beyond stressed or if you were just really moved by the Holy Spirit in that moment. Also, if you go during chapel, the music will be blaring so even if you want to let out a wale, you can do it and no one will look at you funny because all they can hear is George pounding the crap out of the piano and rocking the vocals singing, “Our Great God!” Also, a little bit of the Bible and Jesus loving never hurt anyone so hearing some words that are along the lines of, “You will be okay,” might be just what you need. And if you need Mary Paul to sing you a sweet, soft lullaby, that will be available in Brown as well.

The Cliffs

Now this may be a bit of a walk and a bit out of the way, but trust me, it’s worth it. Also a little exercise never hurt anyone (okay, maybe extreme weightlifters who experience a painful hernia, but they are the exception). You may be saying to yourself, but what about all of that construction going on? How will I find a spot to yell out into the ocean and cry out all my tears? Well my friends, the construction is actually an added bonus. There are still spots open where you can find a place of solitude and intensely loud CATs will drown out your cuss words like, excuse my language, but “Fiddlesticks!”, “Rat Farts!”, “Mother Teresa”, and “Son of a Biscuit!” It’s a great place to let it all out and then take in the fabulous view of the crashing waves and surfer bros shredding the gnar. Also, the ocean water is salty like your tears so you can pretend you’re swimming.


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