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Up and Coming Musicians of Loma

Christian Spence:

I’ve had the great pleasure of knowing Christian Spence for over four years now and throughout all those years, one thing has remained constant: His love for music. This is a passion that transcends over his entire life. “I’ve always loved music… in 6th grade I ruptured my spleen and couldn’t go to school for six months. Being stuck at home all day, every day, got super boring so I dusted off my dad’s old guitar and started learning.” And the rest is history, but it wasn’t until 14 that he started writing songs, specifically alt rock. “My most popular song,” says Christian, “is probably Lose My Head. It seems to resonate with people the most.” After pouring approximately 8,000 hours of dedication into his music, Christian just recently decided to “stay inside of the Christian artist/worship genre.” To this outcome, Christian has a new single just off the mint. “It’s called Change My Heart and was a live recording that we actually did in a Point Loma chapel.” Change My Heart and Christian’s other hits can be found on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube under his first and last name. Go give them a listen.

Micah Lacio:

Micah first started making music senior year of high school kind of by chance. “I got singled out in GarageBand class in front of my school for making a really simple song. I thought I could make something better, so I went on from there.” After watching well-known artist Felly use a beat pad, Micah took a stab at it and got addicted. Some inspirations of his include K Swisha, Logic, Tyler the Creator, and Childish Gambino, but his main inspiration remains Felly. Inspirations like this led to creations like Mid Flight, a favorite beat of his produced for two of Micah’s friends who go to Berkeley. “It’s been more of a hobby to me,” says Micah, “but I want to put more time into it.” Putting in time is exactly what led to his most popular song, a remix of Thinkin Bout You by Frank Ocean. “It’s just my most popular one, not my favorite,” Micah was clear. “I’ve even heard it in several restaurants back home and local food spots and seen videos of people bumping it in places on the mainland.” You can find all of Micah’s music on SoundCloud under Micahlacio, or Spotify and Apple Music under Micah Lacio.


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