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Best California Burritos for the PLNU Student

As a San Diego Native, there are many things to be thankful for: the perfect San Diego weather, picturesque sunsets, great coffee shops and, of course, California burritos.

Native to Southern California, a California burrito consists of carne asada, cheese, sour cream and/or guacamole and french fries all rolled into a magical wrap of deliciousness. This bundle of goodness is just one of the many unique things that San Diego has to offer and can be life-changing to someone who is experiencing this cuisine for the first time. In the Point Loma area, the wide array of California burrito eateries can be a bit overwhelming and, usually, college students want to make sure that they are getting the best burrito for their buck.

That said, allow me to break down the four best places to get a California burrito in the Point Loma area.

Ortiz’s Taco Shop

Located on Voltaire Street, it’s just over two miles (approximately seven minutes) away from campus and is easily the best place to get a Cali burrito in Point Loma. Not only is the burrito huge, but it is also the cheapest of the top four at just $6.38. It comes with carne asada that is lightly seasoned to give the burrito flavor while, at the same time, not taking away from the cheese, guacamole, sour cream and fries that join in this food fiesta. This burrito is listed above all others on the list because it contains both sour cream and guacamole, which is a true California burrito. The guacamole is made fresh daily and the best part is that you don’t have to pay extra for it. Ortiz’s fries have the perfect amount of crispiness, which is essential for a Cali burrito. This taco shop is just a short Uber drive away for those freshman without a car, and is the place where one’s money will go the farthest.

Ortegas Cocina

Ortegas is located in Ocean Beach on Newport Avenue and is about a nine-minute drive from campus. Their Cali burrito comes with both sour cream and guacamole as well, along with carne asada, pico de gallo, fries and cheese. The flavor of the pico de gallo adds another dimension to the burrito and everything inside the wrap is evenly distributed so not all of the cheese and fries are on one side while the guacamole and carne asada are secluded on the other. Ortegas’ California burrito is not as big as Ortiz’s and is a bit more expensive at $9.16. However, the flavor of the burrito is worth it. Ortegas is the perfect place to stop while taking a trip to the beach or for a classic pick-me-up after a long day in the classroom.

Livingston’s Chicken Kitchen

Also located on Newport Avenue in Ocean Beach, Livingston’s is known for their California burritos. Although it’s a good-sizd burrito, it costs $8.37 and doesn’t come with sour cream, which I, personally, think takes away from the flavor. It does come with guacamole, but the amount they put in the burrito is unproportioned with the amount of meat, fries and cheese which makes it taste a bit dry. Still, what I like most about this burrito is that Livingston’s marinates their carne asada so the meat itself contains good flavor. If you decide to get a Cali burrito from this chicken kitchen, I suggest asking for sour cream with potatoes wedges fatter than french fries. That is their specialty.

Adalberto’s Mexican Food

Adal’s is located on Rosecrans Street, about nine minutes from PLNU. Their burrito contains pico de gallo, carne asada, cheese and french fries, but no guacamole or sour cream. It still costs $7.38. There is still hope for all the guacamole lovers out there though because customers can add guacamole for no extra charge; all they have to do is ask. The Cali burrito is a decent size and the pico de gallo is very fresh. The downside is the clumps of cheese added to the burrito are a bit much for someone who is trying to enjoy all the other ingredients. All the same, this burrito makes the top four, so that should say how good it really is.


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