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Best Views from Classrooms

Let’s be honest. Aside from being a great school, most of us chose to attend PLNU immediately after catching sight of the breathtaking views. While other college students might be jealous of our aesthetically pleasing campus, there’s also that slight misfortune that almost every classroom has an ocean view. It’s a miracle any of us get any work done. Either way, here’s a list of the campus classrooms with the best views (just to be on the lookout for next semester class signups).

Colt Hall Forum

The heavy eyes of students sitting in the Colt Hall Forum drift away from Dr. Kim or Dr. Carte, and move towards the open windows displaying Sunset Cliffs. They dream of a better hour and a half where they could be doing literally anything else but sitting and listening to how the world’s latest and greatest civilizations came to be. Instead of paying attention in World Civ I or II, thoughts like, “I bet Caesar went to the beach and shredded,” or “I bet the Mayans had more fun watching someone kick around a human skull then I am right now during this lecture,” swirl around in the brain. Because of those dang windows, all you can think about is surfing some gnarly waves or lying out, getting a tan and applying SPF 5 (okay, maybe 50) to please our mamas.

This beautifully sculpted building’s floor to ceiling windows, overlooking the pulchritudinous Pacific, are not much help for teaching lessons. Luckily for the professors, there are no classes that take place during the sunset block because, let’s face it, the sunset is prettier than a picture of Stone Age neanderthals (sorry professors).

Latter Hall 101

Even if they are trying write ferociously to keep up with Dr. Flietstra flying through a lecture about gonads and the sympathetic system, or Dr. Sawyer talk about thyroid glands and the rest of the endocrine system, students at least get to look out over the wondrous waters of the Pacific Ocean. The white peaks beckon them to grab their Wavestorm and shred. Yet, they know missing biology class would result in a “cat”astrophe. These felines can’t dissect themselves, people.

Still, the sun beating off of the green leaves of the trees and the heat coming off of the asphalt makes the students long for a beach towel and an ice cold “brewski” (cold brew coffee, that is). But instead of lounging out in the sun, these students are holding back tears from getting back their Friday quizzes and realizing they missed points for writing too much. They look out and see cars speeding by, wishing to be the driver of that vehicle so they can speed over to Ocean Beach and play with the dogs instead of listening to Dr. Flietstra talk about the male reproductive system. The freshman nursing students will have to endure the stress sweat and hold in their nervous giggles until the clock signals their freedom to lounge on the sundeck just a few feet away.

Global Studies Office

Want to go to Spain? Or maybe Florence? What about Ghana? Me too. But seriously, for anyone looking to travel abroad, they will visit the Global Studies Office at least once before setting out on their adventurous journey. Just be warned, the view from inside this open room is ridiculous. Wall-to-wall windows display the best views that Point Loma has to offer. Come in prepared with notes, questions and concerns all written down because that view will probably take away any prepared thoughts and replace them with visions of a sea breeze blowing through the hair of Fabio as you ride off into the sunset together on white, pure bred horses. Also, keep in mind that you need to pay attention to the lecture about what to pack for your studies abroad. The last thing you want is to pack a bunch of Crocs because you were staring out into the beckoning blue waters when the Global Studies Officer said “remember socks.” In the wretched winter of Russia, Crocs may not be your best bet.



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