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Best On-Campus Jobs

PLNU offers a variety of on-campus jobs; some of them prepare students greatly for the frightening “real world” by refining their interpersonal skills, but the common positive outcome of jobs has been the community offered.

The ARC staff is a small, close group of people that work together during the week. Dustin Houck, a senior MOCM major, loves what his position on the ARC staff offers. “The best part about my job is the people I work with. I’ve learned better how the university values community developing student and faculty relationships.”

Close to the ARC is the Nicholson Commons Support team and PBC staff, as the three teams often interact with one another. Henrique Din, sophomore media communications and performance major, works both these jobs. “With two jobs, it’s all about communication.” Din often dedicates one job to a day, so he doesn’t feel overwhelmed by working two jobs and a course load. “The best part is the tight-knit community that the job offers. I would recommend both these jobs to people”.

Hanna Vanca, junior marketing major, also knows the discipline required to work two jobs. She works at Mail Services, as well as a Chapel Scanner.  “It’s made me more responsible. I have to manage my time and schedule.” Though it can be overwhelming, Vanca loves the work she does. “You get to know a lot more people and you have your hand in different places on campus. I love just being kind to people and seeing how their demeanor can change by simply asking how their day is going.”

Nash Manker, sophomore applied health science major, also notes the sense of community in his job. As a Nicholson Commons Building Manager, he oversees lost and found and the different tenants in Nicholson Commons. He works closely with the Support Team and the other Building Managers but also develops relationships with others at PLNU. “The best part is the relationships I’ve formed with my coworkers and some of the tenants in Nicholson Commons. I’ve made connections in Student Development and Spiritual Development. It’s never ‘come in, do your work, get out.’ The environment is like a family.”

Another job on campus held by current and prospective students is the Senior Ambassador Leadership Team (SALT). Annalee Sasahara, junior graphic design major, notes the people as the best part of the job. “All the admissions counselors and my bosses are very kind. It’s fun getting to know them and having a mentor-relationship with them.” The SALT team is more than just coworkers, as they connect with each other and offer support in various areas of life.

Every student asked, responded with how their jobs positively affect their community at PLNU. They also added that their job has prepared them for the workforce, naming soft skills gained such as communication and time-management. Milton Karahadian, Director of Nicholson Commons, oversees many student workers. “All the areas in the Commons I am responsible for are run by students. This creates an active environment where students’ creativity and engagement is valued and encouraged. If students see their jobs as more than just utilitarian, but an act of service to the community, they will always be impacted.”



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