2024-2025 PLNU ASB BoD Announced to Student Body

ASB BoD Announcement. Photo Courtesy of Nathan Shoup.

Editor’s Note: Quotes from the incoming ASB Board were added to the online version of this article that did not run in print due to publication schedule constraints. 

After student elections ran from Feb. 19 to Feb. 20, the Point Loma Nazarene University Associated Student Body (ASB) Board of Directors (BoD) for the 2024-2025 school year was announced to students via email on Feb. 22 by Nathan Shoup, 2023-2024 ASB president and fourth-year applied health major.

Alongside Shoup, 2023-2024 ASB BoDs include third-year student and Vice President (VP) Bailey Pickard, third-year student and Director of Finance Corey Kardos, fourth-year student and Director of Activities Jordan Roby, third-year student and Director of School Spirit Thomas Kinzler, third-year student and Director of Communications Anna Ivanov, third-year student and Director of Spiritual life Tess Schrupp and third-year student and Director of Student Relations Colby Douglas.

“This year’s Board of Directors looks forward to finishing out the year strong living into the vision of, ‘Beloved Unification through Trusted Collaboration for Christ’s Exaltation,’” Shoup said in the email.

Scott McGowan, director of community life, said that the ASB BoDs this past year were engaged, energetic and committed to their vision.

“Though it’s not always easy for the average student to see the ways ASB is leading or shaping our culture, I saw it strongly this year,” McGowan said. “They have held their offices with grace and are handing them on to this quality Board with increased influence and opportunity.”

Pickard and Douglas each ran for the role of ASB president this year — from Feb. 12-16 — and curated a joint statement before the election, which was provided in Shoup’s email:

“ … Throughout our time working together this year, we have come to admire and respect each other deeply, and fully believe that the other will do great things in office in the upcoming year. We encourage you to join us in unified support of the excellent leader who has won this election and join with them in the growth of our community next year,” Pickard and Douglas wrote.

The 2024-25 ASB DoBs were democratically elected by the PLNU student body as follows: 

  • Colby Douglas – ASB President
  • Kenzie Lopez – Vice President
  • Kaylie Shadburn – Director of Communications
  • Emery Mundis – Director of Activities
  • Naomi Norton – Director of Spiritual Life
  • Ryan McKenna – Director of Finance
  • Elena Yoder – Director of Student Relations
  • Dylan Peterson – Director of School Spirit

“I am extremely excited for this role,” Douglas said via email. “I believe God has called each and every one of us into these places of servant leadership where we will have the chance to serve Him in our work.”

Douglas said that he does not plan to change a ton on the logistical side of the presidential role, however, “with new teams comes changes to the way the ASB is led.”

The 2024-2025 ASB President said he plans to lead by example and through humility and hopes to inspire and encourage the BoDs to do the same.

Shadburn, newly appointed director of communications, said that her goal next year is to foster a more interconnected and vibrant environment by implementing innovative strategies that promote engagement, collaboration and inclusivity. 

As next year’s ASB VP, Lopez said she hopes to make the presence of the student senate known across the student population. 

“I strongly believe it is important for PLNU to be aware that the senate is a platform for students to engage with by voicing their questions, concerns and ideas,” Lopez said via email. 

Mundis said her goal is to get the campus more involved in community service opportunities.

“I would love to involve more of the student body in more service, through outreach like Santa’s Helpers, which we did last winter, by having volunteers come help and contribute their time,” Mundis said via email. “I, along with my team, desire to find more ways to increase student presence at events, with the hopes of meeting new people, growing friendships and glorifying God through it all.”

Yoder said she is passionate about carrying the legacy of the previous BoDs to gain perspective and foster a culture where connection is honored.

“I am here to be stretched, challenged and to grow alongside each person at Loma,” Yoder said via email. “My prayer is that stepping into the role of director of student relations next year, I will be present, intentional and continue to foster a culture of connection led by love and founded on the gospel.”

Douglas said he encourages the student body to keep two commandments in mind — “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind and soul” and “Love your neighbor as yourself” — going into the following school year.

“There will be times when we disagree with each other; it is important to remember that someone’s opinion does not make up the content of their character, nor their value,” Douglas said. “We are called to love one another. Even if they disagree with you! Have this in mind and we are sure to remain a unified campus that is able to have difficult conversations about anything.”