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ASB’s second themed week explores identity

This past week was the second of ASB’s themed weeks, PLNU’s first ever Identity Week. The week, facilitated and formulated by ASB, was a time for students to reflect on and more fully understand themselves, with an ultimate goal of more fully understanding each other.

“This week is a movement of awareness. My desire is to cultivate and help shape a culture at Point Loma where we strive to love God and love each other,” said AJ Wolf, ASB President. “But to love each other, we must begin with ourselves. To love others, we must have a clear understanding of our own value, our own identity, and an understanding of how God sees us. As we recognize ourselves as valuable and loved, we are better able to give that love to other people.”

ASB’s concept for the event began last semester as Wolf began to talk the concept over with the other ASB board members, peers, faculty and staff. From these conversations came further coordination and planning at ASB meetings, which eventually led to the creation of the special week.

The method that they came up with in order to celebrate identity included various thought-provoking events and activities. These included “You are awesome because…” cards that students could fill out and send to another student. There was also a screening of “Killing Us Softly”, a documentary about the portrayal of women in the advertising industry, an identity focused Created Space, and the “Get a Compliment, Give a Compliment” booth which allowed students to exchange motivating and meaningful compliments.

“I hope that students learn that they are made by Christ and therefore strong enough to conquer anything that comes their way,” said Kristi South, ASB’s director of activities. “I hope that they see that they are beautiful on the inside as well as the outside. And I hope that they know that they are talented and that those talents can be used to glorify God!”

Many students were able to stop, reflect, and appreciate their talents, abilities, and individuality.

“I’ve said many times, it’s easy to host a panel discussion, to put on an event, to orchestrate a film screening about a hot topic,” said Wolf. “What is difficult, what can’t be planned or calculated, is the relationships, the open honest discussion, the deepened sense of trust, friendship, and community, that comes from being together and asking hard questions. I’ve seen those moments happen this week as well. It has been a real gift.”

ASB would like to see Identity Week continue as an annual tradition, but no concrete plans have been made for next year.