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Survive the Holiday Travel

We understand how stressful holiday traveling is, whether you are flying or driving. From long TSA lines at the airport to the unexpected two-hour traffic, the traveling itself does not highlight the vacation as a whole. We want you to make sure your stress does not result in big mistakes such as over packing, or simply forgetting your charger. This handy six tip list ensures your holiday travel is smooth.

1: Bring snacks

This is important whether you are flying or driving. Food is essential to life. Being hangry while traveling can make any trip miserable. Making sure you have the appropriate snacks and drinks to hold you over until you finally get to your destination.

2: Avoid check-in luggage

Do not be the passenger that holds everyone up trying to squeeze their suitcase into the overhead, but pack efficiently. If you only pack enough to carry on, you save time and money. Also, airports are notoriously known to lose luggage around the holidays. Save the hassle and pack light.

3: Know your schedule

Think you should leave an hour and a half before your flight? Think again. With the high anticipation of holiday travelers, you want to make sure no one steals your spot. Getting to the airport at least two hours before take off is better than waiting in the TSA with thirty minutes until your flight leaves. Reduce the stress.

4: Be calm

This is easier said than done with large families traveling, people fighting to get on flights and let’s not start with crying babies. Stay positive, vacations are meant to be relaxing. Whether you are traveling to see loved ones or simply visiting an old friend, grab a good book or just people watch. You’ll be there in no time.

5: Have an in-flight game plan ready

Finally watch that Netflix series you have been wanting to binge or read that book that has been on your desk all semester. Pack some earplugs and a neck pillow to catch up on all of the sleep you missed out on studying this past semester. If you are driving, sit down and create a music playlist prior to leaving.

6: Does anyone know how to change a tire?

A tip for my holiday travelers who are driving: understand how your car works. Worst case scenario is being stuck on a random road, no cell-service and having a flat tire. Do your dirty work beforehand and check everything before heading onto the road. If cars and mechanics turn you off, carpool with someone who does. This cuts down driving time per passenger as well.


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