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Whats up with the Liberty Public Market

Located in the middle of Point Loma’s Liberty Station, the recently opened Liberty Public Market brings a piece of Chelsea’s charm right here to the West Coast. Although the market is not quite as big as the one in New York, its innumerable smells and flavors will hardly disappoint you. As you enter LPM, indeed, your nostrils will be immediately pleased by the endless aromas which infuse the air with freshness and deliciousness.

The best of the local cuisine is scattered among several vendors who inundate their boots with all kinds of treats. The 30 artisans who populate the market, in fact, offer a variety of foods which include fish and sushi, freshly cut meat, Argentinian empanadas, gelato, cupcakes, pasta, candies and more, adding an unforgettable, international touch to their products. Whether you are a fan of Thai or you are obsessed with pizza, the market has certainly something on display for you.

Walking among the boots is as much of an olfactory experience as it is a visual one. The colors of the different goods are inviting enough to attract even the pickiest customer. Flowers, hand-made jewelry and t-shirt stands provide a nice sensory break in between one food kiosk and the other.

The spacious environment, an old Naval building, is simple yet intimate, with a predominance of wooden and silvery materials that give the place a modern look which does not lack in rustic elements. Ideal on a rainy, Sunday morning or on an excessively hot day, LPM is almost never too crowded to be enjoyable. Plenty of seats are available in the wine bar area (Mess Hall) where drinkers and non-drinkers are welcome to consume their previously purchased meals and to order a beverage.

While service dogs are allowed in the LPM, all other pets will have to wait in the outside dog-friendly patio. The market is open every day from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. The cheapest time to visit it, however, is probably during happy hour, when all vendors have discounts on their edible and non-edible merchandise. If, on the other hand, crowds tend to overwhelm you, visiting the market during a break in between weekly morning classes can be the best alternative for you.

The Liberty Public Market was exactly what Point Loma needed in order to graduate from simple city neighborhood to piece of paradise for all food lovers.


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