9 things I wish I knew as a freshman

Now you can’t say no one told you about this as a freshman. You’re welcome.

1. The glory that is Devine Pastabilities.

One word people: CARBS
One word people: CARBS

2. Your freshman crush won’t be your forever crush.

3. The value of free time.. it won’t last for long.

4. Everyone else knows your face but not your name too… It’s okay.

5. You can fix any pinhole in your dorm room wall with a dab of white toothpaste.










6. No one will remember that time you dropped all your dishes in the Caf three years later.

7. Always grab your chocolate chip cookie first thing when you walk in the Caf … They disappear quick.

8. Third floor of the library is a perfect nap zone.



9. The bathroom in Colt Hall is the nicest, cleanest one you’ll find on campus… if you can find it.











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