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For 20 years, Point Loma Nazarene University has highlighted the accomplishments of legends in the writing field through Writer’s Symposium By The Sea. In past years, the Symposium featured novelists, poets, musicians, and spiritual leaders.

This year, PLNU presents Dick En- berg, Robin Jones Gunn, Nikki Giovanni, and Sarah Bessey as the headlining guests for the event.

“This gives writing and journalism students the opportunity to hear first hand about the writing process,” said Karl Martin, Chairman of the Literature, Journalism, and Modern Languages department, “You not only hear about the writing process, but the publishing process as well.”

The entire week is composed of workshops in which the featured artists discuss their crafts, as well as interviews by journalism professor Dean Nelson that will appeal to a variety of interests. Dick Enberg will be featured on Tuesday February 16th. The sportscaster began his career in 1957 announcing play-by-play for the Indiana Hoosiers football team. Since then he has announced for NBC, CBS, ESPN, and he is now preparing for a final season with the San Diego Padres as their announcer, a position he took in 2010.

“I write with my heart,” wrote Enberg in an email. “Sports are a rich area for inspiration. Talented writers can produce stunning work even when they aren’t in love with the subject. I can’t.”

Wednesday’s focus is on Robin Jones Gunn, who has sold around 5 mil- lion copies through her “Christy Miller” series, “Sierra Jensen” series, “Katie Weldon” series, and many others.

“I spend a lot of time praying and asking God for wisdom and direction before I start writing each book,” wrote Gunn in an email interview. “Then I show up at the computer and do the hard work of writing and rewriting. I draw from real experiences, feelings and common problems. I put my whole heart into the storytelling.”

Robin Jones Gunn has found much of her inspiration through her faith and the love that God has provided her. Her favorite authors include Harriet Beecher Stowe and C.S. Lewis.

“When I read “Perelandra” in college my imagination was expanded and it has not stopped expanding ever since,” Gunn wrote. “That book introduced
me to the personality of the Creator. He expresses Himself to us in endless ways.

We can never limit God.”
A well known poet in the slam poet-

ry beat will be the focal point on Thurs- day. Nikki Giovanni, an author, spoken word artist, poet, essayist and activist, has won the Langston Hughes Medal, which is typically awarded to influential and engaging African American writers. She has also won the NAACP Image Award, which honors notable African Americans in movies, television, music, and literature.

In Giovanni’s poem called Poetry she writes, “Poetry is motion graceful / As a fawn / Gentle as a teardrop / Strong like the eye / Finding peace in a crowded room.”

Sarah Bessey, bestselling author for the book “Jesus Feminist” uses her own faith to write her books. As a very determined author and Christian she has previously and continues to point out the role of women in the bible, especially Paul.

“It’s not really a book about Christian feminist theory,” Bessey said on her website. “I see it as a book about the Kingdom of God, and what life looks like when you live into the ‘other side’ of so many of our missing-the-point gender debates in the Church.” Bessey will be speaking with Tim Whetstone on Friday February 19th.

The 2016 Writer’s Symposium is an opportunity to get first hand guidance from some of the world’s best writers and announcers who are fueled by the things they love. It is through their passion they wish to guide others with like-minded attitudes so they may too be inspired. Tickets are still available at www.pointloma.edu/writers.


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