7 ways to spot a Sea Lion athlete on campus

When off the field, student-athletes are just like you! Students. However, here are some tell-tale signs that you’ve spotted an athlete.

1. Water Bottles.


Spot someone staying hydrated with one of these and you have found yourself a Sea Lion athlete.


2. Gear.


This is the easiest way to find an athlete on campus – repping their team gear to class, the Caf or even the bathroom.


3. Eating in Packs

football breakfast players eating

Find a couple tables pushed together in the Caf, and it’s almost guaranteed that you’ve found yourself a group of athletes. Athletes that win together, grub together.


4. Look for the tall guys, probably basketball players.


Pretty tell tale sign that the some of tallest guys around the small Loma campus are on the basketball team. I mean its not a sport shorties generally excel in.


5. MLB hats.


Wanna spot a baseball player on campus? See a guy rocking one of these and he’s probably on the baseball team.


6. Struggling up and down stairs.


It’s no surprise the athletes train hard to stay in shape. Therefore, you can tell who the athletes are after a long day of training when you see someone taking ages to maneuver, yes, maneuver the stairs.


7. Tan Lines

Being outside in uniform everyday causes some unusual tan lines for athletes. If you can spot one of these around campus when one of them are in street clothes, you’ve found yourself an athlete.



– Gotta look swaggy with some wrist tape or an Evoshield = Baseball tan lines.

Golf, Tennis, Track


– Nothing like a good sock tan from being on the links/court/track all day.



– Plenty of tan lines for the soccer players on campus.


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