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5 Ways to Destress During Finals Week

It’s the most stressful week of the year: final exams, final grades and the final hours until summer. While it’s important to get everything done, it’s also important to find outlets to relieve stress.

Junior psychology major Ariel Faumuina says, “I think I’m one of the very few people who actually like finals week. I like [it] because we don’t have to go to class [as much] and we have time to do whatever we want like study, go out in the sun, sleep in, cook and get ready for summer.”

Here are five easy tips to relieve your stress during the final week of school.

  1. Get outside.

Getting outdoors allows your brain to take a break and your mind to rest. Even just getting outside and sitting in the sun can make you forget about your finals. Just take in the view, especially here at PLNU.

2. Do a physical activity.

Maybe it’s going for a run or climbing down the cliffs with friends. Physical activities allow your mind to relax and help your body to work even harder when it’s time to hit the books again. Find a fun hike in the area if you’re looking for a weekend adventure, or maybe go stargazing.

3. Find your creative outlet.

Here are some ideas:

-watercolor on the cliffs

-learn to propagate a plant

-learn how to macrame

-take pictures of the surfers

-make a new study snack (muddy buddies are highly recommended)

4. Take a Sabbath.

Katilyn Joe, a junior teacher education major says, “[…] it is critical for me to take a Sabbath. I personally take mine on Sundays, as it falls directly before school resumes for the week. The practice of Sabbath has been life-changing. It has allowed me to not only de-stress but also regain balance in my life. By pausing to get refueled and then starting back up, I have seen a drastic difference in my work efforts.”

Taking a day to rest is helpful in not only our studies but our health. The brain thrives on mental breaks and allowing ourselves a day of complete rest allows us to be more motivated when we have to restart again.

5. Nap the day away.

Well, kind of. If you find yourself tired and cramming for exams, drink a cup of coffee, then take a 40-minute nap. The coffee shouldn’t hit you while napping but when you wake up. The caffeine will energize you and you’ll be ready to power through the assignments you waited to do until the last hour!

Hopefully, these five tips will help you find your way out of finals week energized and ready to enjoy your summer!


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