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5 Ways How to Pursue Your Olympic Dreams as a PLNU Student

Watching the Winter Olympics as a college student can make us wonder why we chose the life of academics rather than a career as an all-star athlete. At PLNU, specifically, it can be difficult to test your Winter Games potential since we have a lack of snow. Not to worry though, with a few modifications you can experience the thrill of this season’s Olympics on campus and nearby.

Figure Skating:

First, practice your choreography without any rollerblades. You can choose to practice with a partner or go solo. Then, take your technique (and helmet) to the rink. SkateWorld San Diego (6907 Linda Vista Road) is only a few miles away and they have rental skates available.


Get together with some friends and bring a boogie-board. Find a winding staircase or, if you feel adventurous, some sand dunes (Ocean Beach has small hills that are great for beginners) and hold on tight while you race down the hill. Remember, bobsledding is about the quickest runs, so keep your turns tight.


As simple as it may look, curling is not for the faint-of-heart. All you need is a few brooms and a plastic bowl. Offer to mop the floors in your dorm bathroom or the hallway. Add extra water and soap for optimum sliding capacity. Launch the bowl across the tile and brush the water in front while it glides into the center ring.


If you want the real deal, Bear Mountain and Snow Summit is a two-and-a-half-hour drive from PLNU and will cost you $70-100 for a lift ticket. But the San Diego equivalent to snowboarding is surfing. Both involve one board and waves are “technically” melted snow. Plus, surfing does not require a lift ticket or a long drive.


Lay down on your back on a skateboard and roll down a hill (a safe hill with no cars and wearing a helmet, of course). You can set up cones to create a curvy course. Be sure to wear a wetsuit to look like a professional. This will give you the same adrenaline as the Olympians but without a lifetime of training.


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