33 complaints, courtesy of seniors

Seniors. It’s that time to just get out all the reasons why we may complain from time to time. Really, it’s because deep down, we may miss Loma when we graduate. But for now, we’ll let go of graduating anxiety with a few complaints. You’re welcome.

1. Why is the Caf so far away?

2. Where my seniors at? No but really. I don’t see them on Caf Lane anymore.

3. Leaving all your Gen Eds until the last minute.

4. Having freshmen think you just weren’t smart enough to pass that 100 level class.

5. Problem: morning classes.

6. Problem: evening classes.

7. Problem: all classes. There just isn’t incentive to get out of bed.

8. Every class is one more step toward ruining your GPA forever.

9. Netflix and television is just so enticing. All the time. Beats out class every time.

10. I have to go to how many chapels?!?!

11. The Caf is still the same. Same complaint, new day.

12. That track is just so large. Exercise is effort. Effort is hard.

13. Are we at the end of the year yet? #senioritis

14. Too tired to function. Always.

15. Those freshmen are just so ambitious. #bringbackthecurve

16. That grad check means real life is coming fast.

17. “What are you doing after graduation?” *cue to crumble into the fetal position and cry*

18. That moment when you realize you drink coffee like it’s water.

19. The bane of your existence: group projects.

20. To do homework or to nap, is that even a question?

21. Why can’t everyone just decide to wear sweatpants to class? #comeonloma

22. Dodging ring by spring like the plague.

23. Watching your friend’s last ditch effort at ring by spring.

24. Fall break or any short break for that matter. Turn down for what? Homework.

25. That moment when you forget what class comes next. #goingstrong4years

26. Zoning out in public places, guaranteed. Sitting in silence at a table in the Caf, seniors.

27. 10 minutes late to class? Guess I missed it.

28. Passing the Greek is an existential crisis.

29. When you have to park all the way down the hill at Klassen or face the incredibly tight Flex garages.

30. Not finding parking. #commuters

31. Turning 21? Party hard in the Caf.

32. Feeling poor? A classy do it yourself pinterest project will make you feel better.

33. Who are we kidding? You’re a senior. No complaints. You’re graduating!