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2017’s Best Christmas Albums

A signature trait for most holidays is the endless amount of classic tunes that accompany each celebratory season. Michael Jackson’s Thriller and Bobby Pickett’s Monster Mash are playlist favorites for Halloween. Also, it’s fairly likely that Frank Sinatra was a dinner party must-have for most Thanksgiving get-togethers. But the holiday that is most-known for those catchy jingles is Christmas. There are hundreds of songs dedicated solely to honoring winter wonderlands, red-nosed reindeers, frosty snowmen and drummer boys. It’s impossible to walk through any shopping center or eatery during the month of December without listening to at least five different Christmas songs in the process. The music is everywhere, it has been for decades, and each year, musical artists both old and new release a shiny, festive Christmas album. So, to add the ambiance of cookie-baking and tree-lighting, here’s a list of iTunes’ top ranked Christmas albums of 2017.

  1. Warmer in the Winter by Lindsey Stirling

The fancy-feat violinist composes classical crossovers of holiday classics like Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy, You’re a Mean One Mr. Grinch and Carol of the Bells with instrumental climaxes that make one’s arm hairs stand on end. Sterling is joined by singers Sabrina Carpenter and Becky G for some vocal spice.

  1. You Make It Feel Like Christmas by Gwen Stefani

While she typically focuses on rock and pop, Stefani takes a new approach with this album. Going back to the classic 1950s sax, drums and piano combos, this singer lets it snow with punchy notes and a flare that’s all her own.

  1. A Pentatonix Christmas Deluxe by Pentatonix

This electronic pop a capella group combines ethnic beats with traditional Christmas hymns to make for both a fresh and nostalgic experience for listeners.

  1. Everyday is Christmas by Sia

The rich notes and deep-throated vocals create a perfect musical compilation to be played during candle-lit dinners and roasting chestnuts by the fire. The Aussie singer has a unique warmth to her voice that reflects in her mellow music, even when the beats are somewhat unconventional.

  1. Finally It’s Christmas by Hanson

This album is all about the high energy and joyful feels. The pop rock band keeps the child-like Christmas spirit alive with peppy songs like All I Want for Christmas and Winter Wonderland. They even manage to make Elvis’ Blue Christmas bounce.

  1. Christmas After Midnight by Fantasia

R&B never sounded so good on Christmas. Fantasia’s soulful vocals belong at the most elegant dinner parties or in fancy hotels with crystal chandeliers and staircases wrapped in holly. Her Baby, It’s Cold Outside is a must-listen, rivaling even the original.

  1. A Hollens Family Christmas Deluxe by Peter Hollens

Known for his Disney and film soundtrack medleys, the a capella singer once again masters the art of recording with exceptional use of cannons and harmonies. Hollen’s elongated notes and crescendos also give an almost supernatural essence to his songs like Little Drummer Boy.


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