19 thoughts you have while getting lunch in the caf



The Caf lunch rush. We’ve all been there. We all dread it. It’s a necessary evil that tests our patience day in and day out. But keep in mind, we’re all in this together…

1. Cool, my prof let me out at 12:02, so now there’s a ridiculous line…

2. Ugh, cool kids keep cutting each other, I’m even farther back now.

3. Aw man, where’s my ID? Oh right, back pocket.

4. I made it in–finally–now what do I eat?

5. Wow, tilapia again? Why do they keep serving that?

6. I’ll just get chicken chow mien I guess.

7. Wow, the entire student body is at the salad bar. Cool.

8. Time for the watering hole…wait, no, please stop filling up your 32 oz. hydroflask in front of me.

9. Oh, hello cute boy that just handed me a fork, excuse me while I mutter something incoherent. I think I meant thank you.

10. Now for the lap around to find a seat…

11. Didn’t my friends just say they were here?!

12. I’ll just sit with the girl from my hall I guess…I need to make more friends anyways.


14. …*15 minutes later and my friends walk in*

15. *Waves friends over* “Oh, we’re going to sit at this table over here!”

16. So do I switch seats now or…is that awkward?

17. *Taking plates back to dish return* Thank you random person who just gave me a dirty look for entering through the exit door. I refuse to apologize.

18. Here’s the real question… Do I get a cookie? No, I shouldn’t. I’m trying to eat healthy.

19. *Walks out with cookie in each hand*

And now that’s over, time to book it to Philosophy.


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