15 problems of being left handed

A majority of people are right handed but hey, lefties need some attention too. I was forced to become left handed this week but despite the challenges, it’s pretty cool. Here’s a list of just some of the problems that lefties face on a day to day basis.

1. Desks are always the wrong way.

2. When you write, you smear your writing.

3. Then you get the inked hand.

4. And scissors? Who designed them anyway.

5. Those spirals on notebooks. Ouch ouch ouch!

6. Not to mention binders too.

7. You’re better off using a spoon than an ice cream scooper. Who needs one anyway? Just eat from the carton.

8. There’s the can opener too.

9. Credit card swiping makes for an awkward stance.

10. Then there’s bonking elbows anytime you sit by a right-handed person, which is bound to happen.

11. Video game consoles give righties an unfair advantage.

12. Just like the keyboard. Who decided the numbers should be on the right?!

13. Swiping on a iPad or Macbook, the right takes you forward and the left back. Um, okay.

14. You better hope baseball is not your sport. Good luck finding that left-handed glove.

15. And the dreaded question: Wait, you’re left-handed?