15 Pi things to do for Pi(e) day

It’s Pi day. So it’s time to get out those calculators and make 3.14 big. And it’s the ultimate this time, so if you missed it, 9:26:53, revel in having lived it.

1. Start calculating out pi. Because it’s never too late.

2. Eat pie.

3. Memorize the numbers so that you can sound pretty cool when someone asks what day it it is. 3.1415926….

4. Watch too much Big Bang Theory because we know there’s at least one episode where they mention pi.

5. Watch Life of Pi. Do they even mention pi in this movie?

6. Celebrate by watching everyone else do the grunt work. (Thanks, USA Today).

See more videos at the link!

7. Sing the pi day song? And lose yourself in the digits as they say…(Thanks, NPR for that gem)

8. Or do what CNBC recommends…and learn about Raspberry Pi and high school students and Cambridge. Say what?!

9. Go for the pi day recipes and make yourself a pie instead of just eating one.

10. Learn a couple weird things about pi because, after all, we are college students.

11. Look at pie in DOMINOES. Yeah, I didn’t think that was a thing either, but this person was obviously ahead of the curve.

12. Watch how all the other academics celebrated pi. Thanks,

13. So even though we were late to the 3.1415926 party (today at 9:26 a.m. was the ultimate pi day phenom), you can still check time.


14. When in doubt, buy something completely ridiculous. It’ll make you feel like the ultimate nerd. Guaranteed. That’s not a bad stigma these days.


15. Get your friends together and have a pi party rager that beats this get-together!

HAPPY PI DAY! Comics for everyone.