13 things you should do over Spring Break

Spring Break is approaching and it is time to make plans for the week! Here are 11 activities that will make your the best yet.

1. Sleep… a lot.

2. Spend time with your family.

3. Read the book you’ve always wanted to read but never had time for.

4. Hang out with your pets.

5. Go on a road trip.

6. Relive the glory days with those high school friends of yours.

7. Spend some time in a Jacuzzi.

8. Pull an all-nighter. Why? Because you can, of course!

9. Knock out the homework that was annoyingly assigned over break.

10. Attend a concert.

11. Enjoy all the food you encounter because it’s not Caf food.

12. Have a photo shoot. Again, does there ever have to be a reason?

13. Celebrate your freedom wherever you are! See you in a week, Loma!


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