San Diego Coffee Shops and What Makes Them “Instagram Worthy”

You are at a coffee shop and order the most appealing drink on the menu. After finding a cool spot to sit, your drink arrives and looks delicious. The question is, do you Instagram it? Most people would take a picture, add a few filters and post it to social media, but what is it about these coffee shops that make them “Instagram-worthy”?

Junior media communications major Jordan Griffith said, “When it comes to ‘Instagram-worthy’ and photography in general, light and shadows really catch my eye. So, a shop with a lot of open space, windows that allow lots of sunlight through and manipulate the shadows, and a minimalistic-meets-rustic-vibe makes a coffee shop Instagram-worthy.”

Moniker General, a coffee shop located in Liberty Station, has the minimalistic-meets-rustic vibe that Griffith speaks of. Moniker General is full of windows, light and shadows. They have white walls which help illuminate the light and contrast shadows. This is the ideal spot for a classic white wall, coffee shop with a neon light, photo. As for the coffee, the iced salted caramel latte is definitely a favorite. A caramel iced latte topped with sea salt is a great drink to start off fall. With the coffee, the lighting and the minimalistic vibe, this makes for a perfect Instagram photo.

“In my opinion, a coffee shop would have to have some unique characteristic that sets itself apart from other shops in order to be ‘Instagram-worthy,’” said Brandon Parker, junior societal communications major. “Something that would catch the eye of your followers and make them want to know where you are so they can experience it as well.”

Heartsleeves Coffee, located in the heart of Little Italy is one of the most unique coffee shops in San Diego. With turquoise walls and giant candy heart logos with the words “I Believe In You” and “Show Me Something Real,” along with theme named coffees such as “I Love You a Latte” and “Bee Mine,” it’s the perfect spot to catch your eye. This coffee shop is a bit hidden as well, but once you find it you will be in love.

Communal Coffee, located in North Park combines the elements described by both Griffith and Parker. Inside, there are a lot of windows, allowing light and shadow, creating a great photo environment as well as a unique pairing of coffee and flowers. Not only is Communal Coffee a coffee shop, but also a flower shop and gift shop. The exterior walls of the cafe have the words “Coffee + Flowers” in big, black, bold letters, taking up a giant part of the wall. This wall is very popular for the photos, and is definitely “Instagram-worthy.”

When it comes to my own personal method in finding a coffee shop that is Instagram-worthy, it’s all about the centerpieces they use on the table as well as the aesthetics of the shop. An Instagram-worthy photo, for me, would be a shot of the coffee next to the centerpiece along with a pastry.

Bird Rock Coffee Roasters in Little Italy is what I believe to be the perfect Instagram-worthy spot. They have a farm table with a rock garden running down the middle along with succulents and little pebbles which make for an excellent center piece. The tables are placed right next to the window which is in the form of a glass garage door, allowing lots of picture perfect lighting. Bird Rock also has white counters covered in outlines of geometric patterns, creating a modern look.

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Bird Rock Coffee Roasters @birdrockcoffeeroasters


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