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Your Dollars Make the World Run: Cast Your Vote

Some people feel powerless—like they can’t make an impact in the world, according to an article by Odyssey. “We live in a world that is absolutely driven by consumerism. The virtue of this is up for debate, but like it or not, your dollars make the world run.”

An article by Green America explains that every time you pay for something, you are casting a vote in support of the seller and the values they stand for and uphold. Our culture glorifies a good deal. But what they don’t realize is that deals come with a price. Cheap prices are usually paid for by people working overtime for low wages in factories.

“In economics, every dollar paid for a particular product may be considered a “dollar vote” for that product, such that the products with the largest number of dollar votes generate the most profit and will, therefore, continue to be produced” according to the definition of “Dollar Votes” by Investor Dictionary.

In an interview with The Point, Director of International Development at Point Loma Nazarene University, Robert Gailey, says, “Every time you purchase a product or service, you cast a vote for the things you value, support and endorse. Time and again, we have seen businesses respond, in both positive and negative ways, to consumer demands.”

Paul Roberts wrote a book, The Impulse Society, that shows the nation’s lapse in judgment. An article by David Takami, with the Seattle Times summarizes Robert’s points as follows: “America in the 21st century is much like a spoiled child who wants everything right now— quick profits, the latest smartphone, entertainment on demand—with no consideration of long-term costs or consequences,” Takami says. “You can see this in the way our entire consumer culture has elevated immediate gratification to life’s primary goal.”

In a culture where instant gratification is everywhere, it may be necessary to look deeper into company values; to make better economic decisions instead of choices that seem instantly pleasing at the moment. “We also have a responsibility to share the why behind the purchases we make so that others in our circle of influence can see the power they hold through the purchases that they make,” says Gailey.

An article by Odyssey explains why your dollar has so much power, even as individuals: “Most people live completely unaware that their wallets hold such an immense amount of power and influence. Voting with your dollar, while it may seem insignificant, can make a difference, which is why it is so important to make sure that you are casting your vote wisely. Become aware that every dollar you spend is a statement, and when you make a statement one way or another, the global market listens.”


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